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Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Return of Things I Love Thursday

It's been a while (yes a looooong while) since my last Things I Love post, so it is clearly time.
Summer brought several new things into my life that I am loving.

First are my new stability ball (pink of course) and jump rope from DynaPro Direct. I had an old gray stability ball that was ready for an upgrade. I love doing my core work on a ball and have a goal to eventually master this move on my awesome new pink ball:

Then there's the jump rope. I've tried to add jump rope intervals to my workouts in the past, but it has always been a short-lived effort because I never had a decent jump rope. I love the one from DynaPro because it is adjustable and the handles rotate well and are lightweight. The fact that it is also pink is just a bonus. 

I was totally bummed when I had to take four weeks off, basically the whole month of July, from doing anything high impact. But now that I'm back in commission, the jump rope is back in use. I usually do my jump rope intervals on my back patio, and I have to wonder what my neighbors think when they see me out there.

Something both my girls and I enjoyed this summer were headphones from CozyPhones.

My girls fight over a pair of purple soft fleece headphones they share. And I have a pair of mesh-lined headphones. In both pairs, there is a set of thin, adjustable speakers within the band. The speakers are also removable so you can wash the headband. Nice for kids because: kids = messy. Nice for me because: Candice exercising = sweaty.

One of my favorite things about both sets of our CozyPhones is the cords. I was probably too excited about them the first time I used my headphones, but the cord is a fabric, braided cable that won't kink or break. 

What were some new things that made you smile this summer?

Happy Friday Eve!!


  1. I love getting new gear. Jump roping is no joke! It's a killer workout (which is probably why I stay far away from it. LOL). Besides 2 new pair of running shoes (I stock up when I can find my style on a discount) I didn't get any new gear. I did get a gym membership because an Anytime Fitness opened 2 blocks from my house and I use it to lift weights. Love that I can go in the very early hours after my run and it's super empty.

  2. Those headphones are awesome! I'll have to look into those, great recommendation!

  3. Well as I love working out, specially by using a jump rope, I can say that this is some useful gear. I love the design of the jump rope and the headphones look amazing too!

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