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Monday, June 22, 2015

Let marathon training begin!

Let marathon training begin! 

Marathon number 11 is in 81 days. Normally I do a 16 week training plan, but I wanted to do something shorter this time around because 16 weeks always feels like forever. When I decided to do a shorter plan, I didn't count on being injured almost up to the day training began. So my base isn't as solid as I would like, but at least I have been running the last few weeks and have two solid longer runs (10 and 12 miles) behind me. 

And with that, the 12 week countdown begins. This morning I ran an easy five miles. My legs were a little tired from 12 miles on Saturday and then a 5+ mile hike yesterday, so I was happy to take it nice and easy and slow. The number one goal of marathon training for me is to stay healthy and injury free.

We hiked to Stewart Falls yesterday afternoon to celebrate Father's Day. The girls did awesome and didn't complain at all. There were tears a few times, like when each girl took a turn falling on her bum pretty hard at some point. And we discovered some kind of plant that may have been stinging nettle but we're not positive. Ellie got it on five different spots on her body and cried pretty hard. Scott and I both got it on us in a couple of spots, and I can testify that it was not pleasant. Luckily we were close to the waterfall when we ran into it and the cold water from the waterfall helped sooth it quite a bit.

Now we're off for a busy day of dentist appointments, grocery shopping and a Costco run, and riding lessons for Ellie Bean. Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. Oh no! Didn't the stinging nettle thing happen last year on a hike too? Poor girl. A 5 mile hike is no joke. Your girls are tough.

    I hope you get all your errand ran and things done today. This week is bananas for us to. I am just aiming to survive it and make it until Sunday. Wish me luck!


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