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Monday, June 8, 2015

Miscellaneous Monday

Sometimes the pictures on my phone reflect the recent highlights and randomness of my life really well. So I bring you the first Miscellaneous Monday, prompted by the pictures from my phone.

This was my lunch multiple times last week. Whole wheat tortilla with turkey, Swiss cheese, lettuce/spinach mix, and spicy avocado hummus. This picture proves I wasn't the only fan of this meal.

All my runs lately have included a lot of dodging these little guys. Like hundreds of them. But hey, it's a nice distraction when my leg is hurting. Which is all of my runs lately as well.

Took a screenshot of this as a reminder because far too often the two go hand in hand for me. But I'm working on it.

The Bean and I spent quite a bit of time on Saturday sorting her rubber bands into her new storage case. What you see is about 1/20 of what we sorted.

This line from a Studio C sketch made me laugh. It's referring to the remote. So I Snapchatted the picture to my Bachelor loving friends to make fun of their obsession. I'm a good friend like that.

Saturday night was date night. I demolished my chips and salsa like a boss. Scott didn't stand a chance. Which is the norm for us.

This came in the mail on Friday. I'm super excited about it and will share more in detail soon!!

Ellie drew this in church yesterday. She is clearly LOVING her shorter hair.

To add to the adorableness of her new hairdo, she lost her two top front teeth in the past week. Not only does she look so stinkin' cute, but I love hearing her talk with a little lisp now.

And as far as randomness goes, Grace decided to name her giant slinky and treat it like a pet.

Then there's this. As much as their tablets drive me nuts sometimes, it's pretty great when I get messages like these from Ellie.


  1. That picture of ellie is adorable...both the church one and the one with her mouth wide open. I like her.

    I just saved the image about food and guilt. I will look at it daily....I mean hourly.

    Your calf needs to get better. Now.

    1. Food and guilt. Today I need that tattooed to my face.


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