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Hot N Cold

I couldn't think of a title for this post, so I just went with the name of the Katy Perry song I am listening to, which is actually a great running tune. I have real work I should be doing right now, so I'm just here for a quick update on all things Candice:
  1. PT went great. And my girls were awesome. It may have been at least partly due to the little "I have a surprise for you if you are good and don't make your sister scream" chat (bribe) we had in the car. But really, my girls are typically pretty good considering they are 3 (almost 4) and 16 months. They were entertained watching what was going on around them, playing catch with my PT, and jumping on the mini-trampoline. As far as my progress, I will be running 1 mile each day next week if I remain pain free!
  2. I am putting together a "I Have Run" Facebook page because there are so many times I have a running related thought I want to share, but most of my Facebook friends couldn't care less and I can't bring myself to posting a one or two sentence entry on here.
  3. I finished reading my first book of 2010 (last week actually). I'm on to book number two. Since there is little happening in the way of running, I will be posting more about my reading interests later this week.
  4. I am trying not to take it personally that I actually lost a follower this week. (This is where you tell me how wonderful I am and that you would never think of unfollowing me. Just kidding. Kind of.)

Happy humpday! Run happy!


  1. Lost a follower?? How did that happen? I have 2 blogs and have a decent amount of followers on my first, but my running one makes me look kinda sad when you look at the number........ it's sad that's where my self esteem comes from. Haha!

  2. Maybe they just closed their account and they are not following anyone anymore! You are awesome and I love reading your blog :-)

  3. I have absolutely been LOVING my fan page! Seriously it's so fun to interact with everyone and with people that care about the running! LOL! I love my friends but quite frankly they're all tired of hearing me go on and on about running! Fan Page = Running Outlet!

    Let me know once you've got it up!

  4. You should find out who that follower is and we will hunt them down and permanently disconnect them from the Internet! Who do they think they are?

  5. I just did the FB thing too. Shut Up and Run of course. Let me know when yours is up and I'll be a fan for sure. I have lost followers too. I'm pretty sure I scare them away with my crudeness. Oh well.

  6. I've lost followers too. I think they are being bad and blogger shuts them down. Thats my idea anyways haha

  7. I am your most recent follower so maybe I took their place!

  8. That follower wasn't good enough for you anyway.

  9. Maybe your follower died? I mean, why else would someone stop reading your blog?

  10. Hmmm, maybe I need to set up a Facebook page for my blog. Oh dear God, another thing to keep up...maybe not lol.

    p.s. I always get excited that I have a new follower. Don't worry about losing one, there will be more to follow. Ha, I made a pun :)

  11. Maybe your follower disconnected her/his blog. I'm SURE it can't be YOU!

    I love kid bribes, by the way! :)

  12. Yay for the FB page! I'm following!! I love to read, so excited to hear about your reading list. I just finished The Lovely Bones (I have some catching up to do on my list).

    Good luck on the 1 mi runs next week! Hope you stay pain free.

  13. Booo on losing a follower. I lost one last week too. Oh well, we can't please everyone! I think you're great though! :)

  14. I love running to that Katy Perry song too! It's so weird when you lose followers, oh well, their loss.

  15. I add and lose Followers all the time....dont take it personal :)

    I love Katy Perry!

    Facebook fun!! I have been thinking about adding one too, but I have far too many internet obsessions already..

    Ummmm did you see my tutu giveaway for your girls?

  16. So sorry for your loss. I know that at times I feel like I am following too many blogs and it is "work" keeping up with them all. As I was clicking your blog I was actually thinking of how I would word a post explaining that I had to "clean up" my blog roll. That would mean unfollowing those who don't inspire me in some way, either commenting with their opinions, e-mailing me, or sharing a common goal.

    I like your blog and wouldn't dream of not following. You are great! That person probably was getting rid of their computer to go live off the grid! That is the only reason they would unfollow you. I am sure of it!

  17. glad that PT went well and hey that follower might have just had their blog shut down and they weren't worth the snot that you develop during a that better?

  18. I didn't even know it was possible to unfollow someone!

    Don't worry about it. You're better than the follower you lost!

  19. I've got that Katy Perry song in my running line-up, too. Followers-schmollowers! They are missing out!

    I'm going to have to resist the Facebook thing. I've already been neglecting my housework too much as it is! Ha ha!

  20. Ha! I've fretted when I've lost a follower, too. Isn't it nuts?!?


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