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Monday, January 25, 2010

If It Makes You Happy

I just finished another 1 mile run. While it is nice to be able to do something, it is almost painful to feel myself getting close but never quite making it to "that place" where I feel like I could just keep going. Runner's high, endorphins, whatever name you call it, I miss it.

So Jamoosh tagged me to share 10 Things That Make Me Happy. I guess he figures I have extra time on my hands with all the running I am not doing. So here goes (in no particular order).
  1. The two amazing little people I get to hang out with every day. It's incredible how much personality comes packed in those tiny little bodies, and I get to spend every day discovering a little more about my two little girls.
  2. How quiet the world gets when it is snowing.
  3. The man my girls call "daddy." There is nothing I can say that will truly do him justice.
  4. Layers. When running and in everyday life.
  5. Rocking my sleepy baby. It is the most peaceful part of my day.
  6. Crossing off runs on a training plan. In general, I like crossing things off any kind of list, but there's an extra sense of accomplishment when it's a run.
  7. Talking to my mom.
  8. Baked goods. I'm not so much of a candy person, but I love warm chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, cake with cream cheese frosting, sugar cookies with gobs of frosting.
  9. Getting comments on my blog. I sort of stole this from Jamoosh, but it is true. I love hearing what you all have to say and knowing I am not always talking to myself.
  10. The people in my life who are genuinely encouraging. My sister is one of these people. She was the first person to make a comment after I posted about my marathon and the first fan on my Facebook page. Even though she isn't a runner and probably has better things to do most of the time, I am pretty sure she is one person who reads every post on here.

Now I want to know what makes Jesse and Amanda happy.


  1. Great list!

    That was one of my favorite sounds - the sound of snow falling when everything else is still!

  2. I love # 10 about your sister. How nice!

  3. #4 - Well said.
    #8 - Delicious! Except it adds to my winter coat...

  4. I love your list. ITA, getting comments on a post is a great feeling.

  5. You're right - it does get quieter when it snows. Amazing, I've never really thought or noticed that.

  6. 2.

    Love it. Quite is so strange and beautiful.
    It just refuses to snow here. I'll be biting my tongue next month, but really ... I'm a little let down.

  7. I love the quiet of a snow fall too! That is the best and if you combine that with rocking the little one...Heaven!

    Your hubby! Thanks to both of you for his service!

  8. Awww I love it! Seriously, I think most of us have done this 10 Happy Things list and I've been loving reading everyone's answers! Great list!

  9. A mile is a mile. Hope you're on your way to full recovery!

  10. #6 is so true! It is way better than crossing things off an ordinary list.

  11. Truly encouraging people are the best!

  12. Love this list and reading all the lists on the blogs.. Have a great night!!

  13. hmmm, guess I better start being thankful and post a list in the near future.

  14. Last night I was thinking, in my comment did I say "thankful" instead of "happy"? Evidently, yes I did. Ooops. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be happy enough to make a post!


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