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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

I'll miss my chocolate milk

Can we talk about this awesome yellow jacket nest? Somehow none of us at our house noticed it (right outside our front door) until yesterday. It has since been sprayed and the yellow jackets are no more. But seriously. It's almost cool how big it is and how much work that had to be for those tiny little insects. Just not cool enough to let the yellow jackets set up permanent residence.
Not cool is how often these are a part of my life:

I've suspected for a while that dairy might not be my body's best friend. My stomach kind of rebels after I have milk or yogurt, especially when I have it first thing in the morning. But I kept telling myself it is just a coincidence.

I told myself the same thing again Sunday morning when I ate Grapenuts for breakfast. I had a moment of hesitation when I debated between using regular (cow's) milk or almond milk. But I brushed off the thought that the cow's milk would affect me, poured it on my cereal and inhaled my breakfast so I wouldn't be late for church. By the time I got to church, my stomach was not happy and I felt like I looked at least 6 months pregnant. Then last night I had a bowl of Greek yogurt with blueberries and bananas. And I woke up bloated and uncomfortable. Just how I love to feel when I head out for a run!

So I'm going to see how cutting out dairy affects how I feel the next few days. One of the hardest parts would normally be going without my post run glass of chocolate milk, but luckily I only indulge in it when I run more than 60 minutes, which hasn't happened in months and is still a week away from happening on my training plan.

I know it's possible to develop intolerance or allergies at any age, so I'm finally letting myself believe I might have some degree of lactose intolerance. There are tests I could have done to find out for sure, but I figure I might as well try the process of elimination first. Wish me luck!


Do you have any food allergies or intolerances?

What is your favorite post-run fuel?




  1. I have always been sensitive to dairy. Except most cheeses. There is a dark chocolate coconut milk that is delicious! I like a smoothie after a long run. Cool and refreshing.

  2. Booo. Though I do hope that you are able to find the cause of your tummy troubles, even if it means giving up your beloved chocolate milk. Cause being sick is no fun. I like almond milk, but it doesnt have the same carb/protein ratio that cows milm has for recovery. I developed allergies when i was pregnant with evan -to shellfish, penicillin, and kiwis. I got tested for them all. But I think I might not be allergic to kiwis anymore?? Pregnancy does weird things to my body. Lol.

    I like overnight/chilled oatmeal after a hard run. Its ready for me when I get home and is filling and delicous :)


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