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Friday, July 1, 2011

Think, think, think

A person has A LOT of time to think while driving for 12+ hours. While my girls were little angels in the backseat, I did just that. Think.

Just a few of my random thoughts...

  • I wonder what it would be like to run from my house (in Utah) to my parents' house (in Arizona). This road has a pretty wide shoulder. I wonder how many miles that is. And how long it would take. Probably wouldn't want to do it this time of year though.

  • 79 degrees. That's more like it.

  • I am really bored.

  • Is it raining? There aren't any clouds though. Ewwww, it's bugs. It's raining bugs!

  • I need new windshield wipers.

  • No one has called or texted me in a while. Someone call or text me.

  • I love the voice record feature thing on my phone that turns what I say into typed words. I just wish it understood me better. I'm going to end up texting something totally inappropriate one of these times, and I'm not sure anyone will believe it was my phone's fault.

I also did some real thinking. About real things. Put some effort into thinking about things I try to avoid. Things I don't really want to have to think about but know I should. Things that really matter. Having the time to think was good.

Considering what the day meant - leaving grandma's, endless hours in the car, getting home way past everyone's bedtime - it was a good day.


  1. Happy you are home safe!
    Say hi to Millie!

    You. Are. Awesome.

  2. I love having time to think...really think. It's so rare with young children around.

    I'm not sure I love long road trips with children, although it sounds like they behaved very well!

  3. 12 hours? And I'm complaining about an 8 hour drive.

  4. wow! 12 hours is crazy long!?! i do enjoy a good thinking session though...

  5. raining bugs!?!? GROSS. Also, is there a picture?

    If I had known (and had your #), I totally would have texted you :)

  6. 12 hours, a very long driving! You had all the time to think.
    Have a good week end.

  7. Love road trips and having that thinking time. :)

  8. Sounds like you made good use of your downtime!

  9. Love this! I love to think sometimes. I did this exact same thing on my run this morning.

    Can you even imagine running from AZ to UT though. Wow now that would just be crazy.

    Thanks for running with us yesterday. I really enjoyed the run!

  10. 12 hours is quite the long drive! I always think about running from one place to another like that, I think it would be fun, but it would take me forever!

  11. lol that was a funny post!!! I do the same type of thinking!!! And gross..raining bugs?

  12. I hate driving. Glad you made it safe and sounds like you made the best of it. Love the look inside your thoughts. :)


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