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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tell Me What's On Your Mind

It finally happened. Someone (Suzy) noticed I haven't been tagged, so now it's my turn for the Q&A. So ask me anything. About running? Sure. About me? Go for it. About my family? I'll probably answer. So get your thinking hats on and see what you can come up with because it's time for:


Since I went on a mini-vacay and unplugged for a few days, I am really not sure who to tag. So I'm just going to hope the following haven't been tagged already:

Farrah @ My Own Calcutta
Alicia @ Alicia Runs
Fair Weather Runner @ Fair Weather Runner
Kara @ It's a Dog Lick Baby World
Shelly @ It's Just One Foot in Front of the Other


  1. What do love most about running and what do you hate most about it?

    What is you favorite pre workout fuel?

    What are your favorite pajamas?

    Do you think maple bars or bear claws are better?

  2. If you couldn't run, what sport would you do instead?

    I know your kids are young--are you finished or will you have more?

  3. If you couldn't run, what sport would you do instead?

    I know your kids are young--are you finished or will you have more?

  4. This is my standard question...

    Brad Pitt or George Clooney?

  5. Did you always love Millie as much as you do now?

    Are you as much fun in real life as you seem on your blog?

  6. How do you keep that love for the TM going? Can you please share some of it? :)

    Whats your favorite thing to do with your girls?

    Favorite summer time activity?

    Can we hang out soon? Oh...and really seriously...are you running the half this weekend?? ;)

  7. ooooo i haven't been tagged yet. yayaya and thanks :) i'm awful at asking people questions though.

    so here goes, favorite trashy useless tv show (if you have one). and/or, what's your guilty pleasure?

  8. We (princess and I) are so happy you unplugged again!

    So many questions to ask...but let's focus on important stuff.

    I lump U2 and REM together. Both of them ran parallel to my music interests so I don't know anything about either band.

    What, Candice, is the best U2 album?

  9. I hope you are feeling better this week Candice I have been thinking about you. Hopefully we can meetup at the Timp half this weekend.

    Questions: What is your favorite distance to run?

    How do you stay so stinking skinny and so cute?

    What is your favorite restaurant?

    Favorite post run fuel?

  10. If you could run any one race (distance, location, etc. not an issue) what would it be?

    What foods are your biggest temptations?

    Which would you rather have... super speed or super endurance?

  11. Of course I noticed!! :) So...

    What is your favorite distance to race?

    Do you have a favorite outfit to wear when you exercise?

    Do you have a dream race that you would love to do (whether or not practical)?

    What did you eat for breakfast?

  12. -Will you run dirty dash with me?
    -Will little G run dirty dash with Livi's?
    -Yeah, how do you stay so stinkin' skinny?
    -Have you ever thought about doing an ultra-marathon?

  13. What is your favorite treat?
    How did you meet your hubby?
    Do you have a secret goal that you haven't shared with anyone?
    What has been your favorite race in the past?
    What would be your dream vacation?


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