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Every Day I'm Shufflin' and other "mantras"

During my long run on Monday, I realized I was repeating the same line over and over again: "Every day I'm shufflin'." Yep, those are words to LMFAO's* Party Rock Anthem.

It wasn't something I ever thought would be a mantra, but it worked. And it's how I felt. But at least it had a good beat and kept me moving. It also got me thinking.

What is a mantra? According to one of the many online dictionaries, it is an "often repeated expression or idea: an expression or idea that is repeated, often without thinking about it, and closely associated with something."

I realized the ihaverun household uses mantras ALL. THE. TIME. Here are just a few:

The light is red. The family mantra whenever we stop at a red light and Bean repeatedly screams, "Go, Mom!"

Right here, Rowdy. The words we repeat to guide our poor blind little Rowdy back in the house because he keeps walking into the wall or the bikes or the bushes or he is just standing with a deer in the headlights look because he momentarily lost his sense of direction.

Love you goodnight see you in nine minutes. The lack of punctuation is on purpose because it is said in one big breath. It has to be the last thing The Princess says and hears whenever someone checks on her at bedtime, every "nine" minutes.

Go lady. The Bean's mantra whenever cars around us are moving but we are not. As you can tell, she's not the most patient passenger. I still haven't figured out if she is talking to the person in the car in front of us or if she is talking to me.

What are we doing fun today? The question I hear from The Princess every morning and every day after naps.

What? This actually isn't my favorite word, but it's probably the one I say the most. Sometimes it's because I don't understand what the Bean is saying in her 2-year-old language. Other times because The Princess talks quietly when she doesn't want to get in trouble for something or doesn't want her sister to hear. And a lot of the time simply because I have hearing loss in one ear (not because I'm old; been that way since I was little) and can't hear what people are saying if there is a lot of other noise.

What do you want for dinner? Typically a weekend mantra, this question is exchanged several times between me and the hubs, sometimes with the addition of "I don't know."

What are your non-running mantras?

*For the record, whenever I see LMFAO, my mind translates it to laughing my fat a$$ off.


  1. My Casa.
    Shut your face.

    My opinion way better than shut up & with dual meaning.
    Pita: I'm getting fat
    Emz: shut your face

  2. Unrelated, I listened to LMFAO this morning for the first time, having seen their album near the top of the charts for weeks.
    Did you know their band name(per Wikipedia) also mean Loving My Friends And Others, for the more innocent types.

    Around the house, my mantra is, "Just a second" which may mean just that, or also frequently means Never.

    Go Lady is the best one in your list and she definitely means You.

    We have a blind cat. But she's deaf, too. No mantras.

    Glad you didn't mention being sick. And keep shufflin!

  3. my kids have 2

    1. I dont know
    2. because

    I dislike them both equally

    1. wait a minute
    2. i'll be right there
    3. I am only ONE person here

  4. Our latest non-running mantra is "do you have Dill-Havarti (cheese)?" This comes for witnessing a lady at the deli repeatedly ask the clerk if they have Dill-Havarti? No? When will you get some? It truly went on for at least 5 minutes. I guess it's our family mantra now!

    Running mantra? "Just keep swimming!" From Dory in Finding Nemo! It helps...really!

  5. haha. fun post. i love this! ummm. i cannot even think of what I say all the time right now but I know if I asked someone else they would name 100 things. probably "need a treat?"....i use it with both me and my dog. ha!

  6. LOL @ Julia.

    LOL- My 5 year old tells me... "GO-LADY"... as well, while at a red light.
    The 10 year old.... "Mom, i'm thirsty".... she really just wants a diet dr pepper, because if I offer water, she looks at me and says... "Never mind".

    "I need a time out".... really i just want to lay in my bed and watch uninterupted Big Brother time... teehee
    "Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum, here I come to squish your bum"... I say this every night while getting the kids ready for bed. I love the giggles I get... EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  7. So cute!

    Our are:

    Dude, you're killing me!

    Practice makes perfect

    Mama, I think I'm a little thirsty

    I shall miss you

  8. I like this post and the comment full of mantras.
    I remember my son's mantra (now he is 32): "I am getting bored".

  9. What a great post! With seven sons and a husband I say a lot "Pee IN the toilet, not on it or next to it". :)

  10. I'm laughing over the loveyougoodnight....when I drop my daughter at camp, she says, "bye can you stay in the parking lot for 12 minutes???"

  11. Love 'em!

    My son says "I'm showy. I'm showy. I'm showy." ALL THE TIME. It means he wants to watch tv. And I try to delay, delay, delay on the tv!

  12. Love it! The number one thing my kids say that I've tried to ban from their vocabulary is, "What are we having for dinner?" Oh how I hate that question. Mostly because I never really know the answer.


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