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Boob Sweat and Blue Powerade

Some days things don't go as planned. Saturday was one of those days. While my 18-miler was postponed until Monday, the trip to the water park still happened. It's all about priorities. And while getting all my long runs done during this training cycle is a huge priority, spending the day with my family came first. I'd hoped to squeeze a few miles in at some point, but it just didn't happen. So I lived vicariously through all of you and your weekend runs.

I did manage to get out the door early Monday morning for my long run. So as far as I'm concerned, last week ended around 9:30 yesterday morning. I had 18 planned. Six miles in, my IT band started talking to me. By mile 10, I was hurting pretty bad. I called the hubs at mile 14 and told him I might have to cut it short. Said I would call him at 16 and let him know for sure. I could tell the pain and tightness was affecting my running form, so when I hit the 16 mile mark, I slowed to a walk. I was literally limping. That's when I reminded myself that listening to my body and quitting early are two different things. Called my hubs and he and the girls met me a few minutes later with a tall, cold bottle of chocolate milk.

I rolled out my legs, iced my knee and limped around the house the rest of the day. Last night, I finally started to walk normal. Today, I just feel a twinge of pain now and then. Since this week only has five days in it after last week's long run yesterday and I have four scheduled runs, I had a short recovery run planned for today. But when last night's sore throat turned into a full fledged cold this morning, I decided there would be no running. I'm hoping the chills and body aches are gone tomorrow, and I can spend some time with Millie. At least having a cold today meant a rest day for my ITB. And a chance to catch up on some blog reading, since I was in my jammies before 5:00 pm and don't plan on doing anything that can't be done sitting while sitting until I go to bed (early).

Hopefully between my past experience with a nagging IT band injury and some great advice from my DailyMile friends, this won't be an issue much longer.

Was that boring enough for you? Here are some (hopefully more interesting) random running thoughts I've had lately:

  • I am not losing weight. It doesn't help that I'm always starving. Those two pieces of German Chocolate Cake I had last night probably aren't helping either. Or the Muddy Buddies I made the other day. Or the dozens of Pumpkins Chocolate Chip cookies I consumed last week. Or my recent obsession with chocolate Twizzlers.

  • Why are all energy gel flavors sweet? Something sweet is the last thing I want while I'm running. Apparently that's the only time though.

  • I have been able to gag down one CarbBoom during each of my last my two long runs. I go for either watermelon or grape pomegranate.

  • Since convenience stores usually only have Berry Blast (you know, the neon blue kind) Powerade on tap, I am learning to like it.

  • What is with the boob sweat? I mean, really, is it normal that this is the first (and sometimes only) place I have visible sweat? This was yesterday, after 9 miles. Nice, huh? Last week's boob sweat was bigger and apparently more fancy because The Princess said it looked like a flower. Too bad I didn't get a picture of that one.


  1. I actually like CarbBoom. The orange-vanilla tastes just like a Flintstone's push-pop and it's less thick than Gu. I wish I could do something less, well, gooey, though. All the solid stuff makes me sick.

    Boob sweat is so annoying. Luckily I'm so sweaty that you can't see my boob sweat past the rest of my chest seat.

  2. I hated boob sweat so much that I invented & patented a soft, thin, curved, discreet, all natural, non woven/disposable bra liner! 10% discount code NF17 for your audience.
    Who ya gonna call? Boob Sweat Busters.

  3. haha. i was rocking some crazy serious boob sweat last weekend. i was smart today for my speed work and wore black. wow. close one there.

    I so hope you feel better soon! get some rest and take care of yourself! thinking of you!

  4. I have very little boob but still sweat there like crazy! I have a cold too..weird in the middle of the summer.

  5. haha, I have totally rocked the boob sweat. When we went on our 3 day Trek with the youth from our church.... I had serious boob sweat and I was so mortified. Those poor teenagers. haha.

  6. Oh ya... why are you trying to lose weight???? you are teeny and cute. now me on the other hand, need to lose 15-20 lbs. This is my goal before I run NYC in Nov.

  7. With ITB it is always a good call to cut it short. Have you tried different shoes for long runs? With you on the sweet gels. I’m still hoping to find the miracle that can replace gels on long runs. I never liked the blue Powerade and then once during an ultra that was all they had available. I drank it regularly and had one of my best runs ever. Now I carry some with me on long trail runs.

  8. CarbBoom is blerg to me. My sweat isn't is EVERYWHERE on me.

  9. My boobsweat is not nearly as flattering - You look like you've been felt up by a critter. Mine crawls down my stomach like some kind of indication of where the boobs would be without the running bra.

  10. I've never done a carbboom but I used to take a 5-hour energy before my long runs. It really helped and I loved that it didn't include caffeine.

    As for boob sweat, can I just say that, that is the first place I start pouring sweat too! Holy unfortunate sweat patterns right?!??! LOL!

  11. I am so so sorry you aren't feeling well. :(

    LOVE all of your random thoughts! I completely agree about not wanting something sweet while or after running! Have you also noticed that all the races usually offer after are fruit, smoothies, icecream, waffles, ect! I want some freaking string cheese and potatoe chips dang it!

    And I friend you do not need to lose any weight at all. You are teeny tiny!

  12. I tried a "Plain" Gu the other day. That might be more your style if you don't like sweet during your runs. Also, a boiled potato rolled in salt (wrapped in foil for transport!) will do the same thing as Gu, but not sweet.

    I'm not seeing extra weight you need to lose either. Must be located between your ears. :)

  13. I've been using GU gel packs in my 1/2 marathon training and the sweet taste is disgusting to me while running. It's warm and sweet- yuck!!! I get boob sweat, too! I'm on the hunt for a sports bra that actually works for runners...maybe my boob sweat will lessen then!

  14. That looks like me after one of my first runs post-baby. Only mine wasn't sweat.

  15. You're sick? Rest up!

    16 miles is still really good and this early in training (well mid-training) you made a smart decision to cut it short. IT Band remedies from me? Rest and the Stick.

    Where is all of that delicious junk food coming from? And did you make the pumpkin choco chip cookies? Because we already have a ton of pumpkins.

    As for Boob Sweat. Where's that graphic of boob motion during the run? Maybe they're not moving enough. Yep I have very little to offer here.

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    It's designed to prevent embarrassing boob sweat marks (because well, they're more embarrassing than armpit stains). Underboob is an adjustable elastic strap which can be worn with or without a bra, so it is easy to wear with workout clothes.

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