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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not Running Sucks

I thought today might be the day I run again. The fever, chills and body aches are gone. But the cough and a newly developed ear infection are keeping me off the treadmill again tonight. I just spent some time with the good old Internet, trying to figure out if I can use my Bean's ear drops that she got for possible ear infection with her tubes for my ear infection. I don't feel like going to the doctor to find out what I already know. And her ear drops expire next month, so I might as well get some use out of them.

Speaking of my Bean. Today the girls decided it would be fun to play with their winter scarves, mittens, coats, etc. It was like finding treasures they forgot they had. Bean even had to wear some of her finds to the grocery store.

She likes having her picture taken about as much as I do. I considered taking a pic of myself this morning since I had to get dressed in a non-mom outfit for a work meeting and was going to share my rare appearance in heels and slacks with you, but it didn't happen. So you'll have to make do with the picture of my Bean. She cuter anyway.

That's pretty much it for the excitement around here. Can I just say how much I'm enjoying reading all your Q&As? You are a bunch of funny, fascinating people!


  1. Not running definitely sucks. Not running sucks worse than listening to a whole Celine Dion CD.

    Hope you get feeling better soon!

  2. As long as you keep saying everyone else is cuter, we'll take the Bean pics.
    It's great that a significant portion of the country is trapped under a 'heat dome' and the ihaverun family dresses like polar bears :-)

    You have an ear infection now? In the summer?
    Of course you can take her ear drops, even if they're only a placebo, just Believe they'll help. And get better soon, this is like the complete opposite of T.I.L.T.!

  3. I sure hope you're feeling better soon - nothing worse than being sick in the summertime! In the thumbnail pic on my reader, I thought for sure Bean was wearing Tighty Whiteys on her head!! LOL!

  4. Feel better soon Candice! That picture of your little girl is priceless. :)

  5. Feel better! It's no fun, I know.

    Your daughter is a ham!

  6. Ha, I love the picture of Bean! Your kids are too cute!


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