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Monday, July 11, 2011

Raindrops on roses...not so much

I ran 15 miles on Saturday and a barefoot mile today (in addition to four in shoes), but why talk about those things when I can share some of my favorite random things, thanks to Rachelle tagging me!

Favorite Thing to Photograph

My girls (although I actually didn't take this picture)

Favorite Thing to Cook

Cupcakes, cookies, brownies. I'm all about the baked goods, mostly because they are my favorite thing to EAT.

Favorite Way to Exercise

Running, of course

Favorite Movie

I love movies and have a lot of favorites, but this has been a constant on my list.

Favorite Article of Clothing

I was going to say jeans, because I could wear jeans every single day. But I could survive without wearing jeans for a week. I couldn't survive without my running shoes for a week.

Favorite Flower


Favorite Breakfast

French toast!

Favorite Cartoon Character

I love Rapunzel and Flynn and Belle and the frog in Gnomeo and Juliet. I could probably list about 20 cartoon characters that I love, but Snoopy is my favorite. Because he's a writer.

Favorite Book

It is IMPOSSIBLE to pick a favorite. For a list of just a few, check out THIS POST

Favorite Place to Be

Anywhere with my family

Favorite Place to Visit


I suppose I should tag some of you. So if you haven't been tagged already and you are reading this, consider yourself tagged. I wouldn't want to play favorites. Get it? Favorites? I am too funny.

Photo sources
French toast


  1. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm... french toast! Yum!

  2. i could barely focus on the rest of the pics because I was so stuck on the cupcake picture. hahaha! YUM.

    you are amazing for rocking out that barefoot mile!!!!!

  3. That family picture is so beautiful.

    You're totally right about sneakers. They aren't really my favorite, but they are essential!

  4. Great, great post and pics!
    But now I want cupcakes and french toast.

  5. Love, love, love the family picture!

    And, yes, I love baked goods too! I am on hiatus from baking per Dad Wonder b/c we have no self control if they are in the house.

  6. I absolutely love the black and white photo of your family on the railroad tracks. AWESOME!

  7. Great post! You have a beautiful family and those cupcakes look divine!

  8. Love all of the pictures! Especially the last two of your family. You have such a gorgeous family.

    Great job on the 15-miler!! How did it feel? I am so so proud of you for conquering that because it is definitely a big step.

  9. Just back from your favorite place to visit - Hawaii! Missing the cool ocean breeze.

  10. A great list with beautiful pictures.
    What a pity, I think I will never visit the Hawaii, my wife is scared of flying.


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