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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Little Miss Sunshine on the Case

Since I've been injured and not running (or doing any real cardio of any kind), my mental state has not been the best. I decided that has to change. So Monday morning before I got out of bed, I read a great article about motherhood to motivate me to put my awesome mom hat on and to focus on something good and hit the day with a new attitude.

I won't lie. I struggled off and on. I wasn't Mom-of-the-Year all day long. I also wasn't Little Miss Sunshine all day long. But I did my best. And I reminded myself over and over to take things one day at a time. To stop wishing away the days. To make the most of the summer and the extra time I have with my girls and to focus on the things I can do right now.

So in a effort to continue Operation Be Positive, here are some things I'm loving right now...and why:

This Book

The hubs surprised me and pre-ordered it so I got it in the mail the day it came out. I'll let you know more in detail what I think when I finish it!!

The Runner's Choice

Runner's Choice

Before my injury stopped me in my tracks, I was using Runner's Choice during my runs. It really seemed to make my feet happier during and especially after my runs.

If it can keep my feet (and ankles) happy once I'm back to running, I might just consider it magic.

The ones I got look a lot like these but mine were from the Buckle and are the budget version. I will admit everything about getting new jeans wasn't sunshine and roses. I ordered them in the size I normally wear, and not doing any cardio lately combined with my week-long pity-party (otherwise known as feed-my-face-continuously) means they were not the most flattering when I put them on. Yet with Operation Be Positive in effect, I am not taking the back but just focusing on getting to the point where they are comfortable when I slip them on next time. 

My Fitness Pal

Speaking of wearing my new jeans asap, I started tracking my eating more diligently in My Fitness Pal. It helps keep me on track because I think twice about everything I put in my mouth knowing I have to enter it in to my daily food dairy.

School Shopping Online

Both Old Navy and Children's Place were having sales on school uniforms so I got almost all my girls' school shopping done in an hour at the computer. Which is great because my girls don't really enjoy that part of school shopping. They just look forward to the "school shopping" for the things they'll wear when they get home from school. This was one of my favorite finds because they both love to wear dresses but they don't love wearing a shirt under their jumpers, so this is the best of both worlds.


  1. I have no doubt that you rock those jeans. But I definitely get the need for endorphins to flow for the sake of your mental health. I hope some form of cardio will be happening soon.

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