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Friday, July 3, 2015

The ups and downs of a day.

When your ankle hurts and you took a rest day on Wednesday, doing "speed work" on the elliptical is better than nothing.

Froyo with friend is even better when it is happy hour and you can get all-you-can-fit in your cup for $3.99.

You know it has been a stressful week when you find yourself taking these. Cold sore meds. I only get cold sores when I am stressed or running a fever. I am not running a fever.

When your name is never spelled right on anything, you smile pretty big when the hubs brings this home. Even if you don't like Coke.

An evening walk in your favorite flipflops to return the Redbox just makes sense when you've ingested 100 grams of sugar during the day. 

Happy Independence Day (weekend!) to you all. May it be filled with the joys of freedom and some fireworks!


  1. What movie did you rent? What show are you watching on the elliptical?? (Aren't I nosy)

    What OTHER way would you even spell Candice?? Weirdos.

    I want fro yo all over again. I hope all that sugar goes straight to your ankle and makes it feel better...

  2. Mike & Molly on the elliptical. Grace the American girl movie for my girls from Redbox. Neither are very exciting.

    Candace. Apparently that's more common.

    And me too. Froyo e'ry day. But I'm pretty sure it went to that ever-growing roll around my middle. Although my ankle is feeling a lot better today 😊

  3. I think that means you should have more fro yo to help the ankle. Keep eating it until anyone notices this 'roll' you speak of...Cause I havent seen one yet.

  4. Totally get the never having your name spelled correctly on anything!


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