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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to rock motherhood. And other parts of life.

Welcome to July!! I can't believe June is gone. I never even got out my 4th of July decorations. Total fail.

Something I have done is cut way back on soda lately. Instituting "Soda Saturdays" has helped because I can look forward to a big, cold Dr. Pepper on Saturday. However, I fell off the wagon yesterday. 

It was late enough in the day that the caffeine in my system made it hard to fall asleep. So I wandered around the Internet and found a few things I knew I needed to share.

As I struggle with yet another problem with my body (a super sore ankle with no explanation) this article really struck me as something I should try with my running:

 Are You A Stomper?

And as a mom who feels like I'm constantly failing the two little people who depend on me, this article was a great reminder of how easy it can be to make motherhood at least a little awesome every day:


And because I'm doing this, I think you should too :

Inline image 1

Then there is this shirt I think I need for this weekend:


  1. There is not much better than a big, cold, fountain Dr Pepper!! I used to drink multiple DP's every day. I've cut way back. I try to just have 1 or 2 a month. There are times it works great & then there are epic fails!!

  2. I can totally relate. It seems like it ends up being my reward/comfort food whenever things get stressful.


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