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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pretty doesn't come from your belly

Sunday I made cookies. After my first one, I realized I mostly just wanted the chocolate chips in them and would have been just as happy with a handful of chocolate chips. Don't worry though. We'll somehow manage to eat them all.

Yesterday made me even more sad that my Ellie Bean will be in school all day next year. On the way home from taking Princess Grace to school, we had this conversation:
Yes, I pulled over to write it down because it's one of those moments I want to remember. Then my Ellie had riding lessons. We rescheduled them this week because Ellie Bean is having an adenoidectomy and tubes put in her ears today. It was a perfect start to her week because there aren't many things that make her happier.
After riding lessons, she wanted to do the next best thing to riding a horse. Riding her bike.

I normally take my scooter to keep up with her, but my stress fracture won't allow me that luxury right now. So I followed on foot.

However, keeping up with her isn't too hard since she is easily distracted.

Our main destination was of course going to see the horses in a field behind our house.

Then she practiced her cartwheels before we headed home to clean the house.

She cleaned all the mirrors and dusted the house while I tackled everything else. I have to take advantage of this window of time when she thinks cleaning the house is fun!

And yes, we matched today. But I promise it was just a coincidence.

I'm loving this teal color right now! What color are you loving?

Do you call them potato bugs or roly poly bugs (yes, I had to look up the spelling of roly poly)?



  1. That conversation was too cute. Roly Poly! I've never heard them being called potato bugs before. I'm also loving teal, but about 75% of my clothes are some shade of blue!

  2. I love pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!


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