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Friday, May 9, 2014

An apple a day apparently doesn't keep the doctor away!

I realized the other day I'm an apple snob. I won't eat just any kind of apple. Pink Lady and Jonagold are my favorite. Braeburn are also good. But that's pretty much the extent of my apple love. And I much prefer them room temperature. If they are straight out of the fridge, they are too cold and don't seem as juicy.

Yesterday I decided to dip my apples in peanut butter. Believe it or not, it was the first time I have ever dipped apples in peanut butter. It was super yummy! The just right combination of salty and sweet. And the little individual portion cups are perfect for keeping my new peanut butter obsession in check.
Yesterday I talked to my doctor more about the recovery plan for my stress fracture. I am supposed to stick to swimming/pool running for the next week. Then, depending on how my leg feels, I will hopefully be cleared to start cycling again. Then after another two weeks, I can add the elliptical for another two weeks before trying to run again. Did you follow all that? Long story short, I'm five weeks out from my next run.

So for my Friday night fun, I headed to the pool for some quality pool running time. I'm so grateful for a husband who realizes how much I need it and makes it happen.

And now for the thing most of you actually stopped by my blog to find out. The winner of the Onzie giveaway. selected our lucky winner:


Please email to find out how to get your $75 of Onzie apparel!! A special thanks to Onzie for hosting this giveaway!

As for the rest of you, since you are already here, tell me what your favorite kind of apples are?!? Do you dip them in peanut butter?

What other healthy snacks do you love?


  1. I can't believe we are friends and you have never had pb on your apple! I am relieved to find out you enjoyed it. I had a Braeburn apple today, but it was too tart for my liking. I usually like them. But my order is honeycrisp, pink lady, jazz, Braeburn, gala, fuji. Wow. I need a life. Lol. Oh and i prefer mine straight out of the fridge:)

  2. Don't feel bad, I just had a caramel apple for the first time this fall-- I told my mom I felt cheated. And I have to agree with your friend above: honeycrisp would be at the top of my list. I am sorry about your stress fracture but glad that you have an alternate for of fitness to keep you going.

  3. It's too bad that apples hadn't kept the doctors away, but I'm happy to see that your leg is healing quite nicely. Leg fractures are never fun to have, but with the help of your doctor, you should be running in no time!

    Velvet Foronda @ US HealthWorks


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