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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My heart likes to be happy

My Ellie Bean is a rockstar. She had tubes put in her ears and her adenoids taken out yesterday. She was a little nervous yesterday morning but was such a trooper about not being able to eat or drink anything. When it was time to go back for the procedure, she asked me to come with her. When I told her I couldn't, she put on a brave face and chatted with the nurse while he walked her down the hall to the operating room. It made my heart hurt a little to let go of over her tiny hand and watch her walk away.

After the procedure, she wanted two things: the IV out and to go home. She was just cooperative enough about eating something (jello!) so they would let both of those things happen. She took a little nap on the way home, and then she was back to her normal self.

She wanted to blow bubbles, swing and ride bikes. Then she got hungry, so we talked her into a scooter ride with her dad to get a movie at the Redbox to watch while she ate her lunch to help her slow down a little for a few hours.

Ellie has always had a really high tolerance for pain. She's had ear infections almost constantly since January without hardly any complaints and round after round of antibiotics. She once had a double ear infection that she described as her ears "itching." So it's no surprise her right ear (which was infected at the time of surgery) hurt "only a little" and her throat stopped hurting after her little catnap on the drive home.

Other than a little raspiness in her voice today, you wouldn't know anything had ever happened.

This morning, like every morning on the way to school, this happened:

It makes my heart happy every time I see it.

And before that, I made the rest of me happy with an hour at the pool with Janae. It was our third day this week. We added some sprints to mix things up today. We did 30 seconds hard with 30 seconds recovery x 30. I could really feel my legs working, especially when I got out of the pool and had to put my weight on them again.

All the pool running has made me a hungry girl, so I stocked up on fruit so I have lots of easy, healthy options. I spent an hour cutting it up today so I can grab some any time I need a snack.

What's your favorite healthy snack?

Tell me something that makes YOUR heart happy.



  1. Favorite healthy snack at the moment is mixing fresh salsa and hummus and then eating it with celery sticks. So good!

    Happy heart moment is when my boys play sweetly together.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. That sounds yummy! I'll have to try it.

      And I can TOTALLY relate! Told the hubs tonight how much I love it when my girls act like they love each other.


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