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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I spectated a Memorial Day race

I kicked Memorial Day off with 65 minutes of pool running. Then I got to be the spectator for a change while my girls ran the Run of Remembrance 1-mile race. I even made a really fancy sign!!

Princess Grace put it in high gear and ran the entire thing, holding hands with her cousin the entire time, because that's how she rolls.

And Ellie Bean and her cousin did an interval run. But when they ran, they went full speed ahead!

I have to say, being a spectator is fun. When you are a participant, you miss seeing things like this little boy running in only one shoe. Or the incredibly awesome determination on this little girl's face!

The girls decided the finish line aid station was a great place to start a water fight. And Ellie thought my booty was a great target!

After the race, of course we had to refuel. So we had gourmet grilled cheeses. There's no picture because sometimes I'm too distracted by the food to bother with a picture. Mine had ham, Swiss, mustard aioli and pickles on sourdough. It was as good as it sounds.

Then we hit the pool because it just seemed like the right thing to do on Memorial Day.

Because swimming works up an appetitie, we got ice cream on the way home. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip, which was the flavor of the day. But it had big pieces of chocolate in it, which is always disappointing. I love tiny slivers of chocolate that melt in your mouth as soon as they hit your tongue. Baskin Robbins is really the only place that does it right.

Then, because ice cream isn't quite filling enough, we had a bar-b-que. Cheeseburgers, potato salad, watermelon, chips. Doesn't get more all American. And then the grown-ups decided to pretend it wasn't a school night and went to Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I like a good superhero movie. And this one qualifies. I liked Chris Evans in this one more than in the first one. And Scarlett Johansson even grew on me a little.

How was your Memorial Day?

What is your favorite kind of ice cream?



  1. We must be related cause mint chocolate chip is my favorite too! Wish we could have spent the holiday together...looks like yours was super fun!

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