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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday

  1. I am going to Hawaii. In 30 days. For a week.
  2. After using my fancy new Olay anti-aging eye roller for the past two weeks, I still don’t look 25. I pretty much look the same as I did two weeks ago.
  3. My big toe, which has been numb since my foot surgery 11 months ago, just decided to come back to the land of the feeling, one spot at a time. It feels like there is something in my sock under my toe while I am running.
Have a happy Friday and a great weekend. Run happy!


  1. I didn't know you were going to Hawaii...have a GREAT time!!! Are your girls going or is Mom watching them?
    Hope you can run 3 miles tomorrow instead of just 2. Love ya!

  2. Hawaii? Oh, I am so jealous! I'm sure you look gorgeous regardless of how the roller works. And welcome back, Big Toe! :D

  3. You are doing the iron man?
    You are entered in the Hula championships?
    How is this fair?
    I want to go to Hawaii

  4. Hawaii!! Jealous! Think of the runs you can do there.

  5. Hawaii!! Awesome! Hello, big toe!

  6. Aww hawaii! So lucky!! I have not tried that Olay stuff but seriously they basically say in those commercials that you will see dramatic differences in two weeks!!

  7. Hawaii sounds awesome! Have fun!

    Glad to hear that your toe is coming back to life!

  8. HAWAII??? Are you just trying to make us jealous??? Amazing. Who needs on Olay eye roller when you're going to Hawaii??

  9. Darn eye rollers!!! Why don't they just do their job!? :-)

  10. Feels like you have something in your sock under your toe? That would drive me absolutely bonkers!

    So jealous that you will be logging runs in Hawaii! I've never been.

    And by the way, you already look younger than 25. I've seen the pics. :)

  11. Hawaii sounds great! How fun! I'm glad that the feeling is coming back into your foot.

  12. It sounds like improvements with your foot. That's great! Hope you get in a long of good running in Hawaii!

  13. If you're heading to Maui I can point you towards some good running spots and hikes. Have fun!

  14. Hawaii Sweet!!!I just found your blog!!!stop by


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