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Friday, February 12, 2010

Randomness and Running

A few weeks ago, Libby tagged me to share Seven Random Things about myself. Here goes...
  1. I hate it when my fingers get wrinkly (like in the bathtub).
  2. I couldn't remember how old I am the other day. I actually had to do the math to figure it out.
  3. I don't like tomatoes, but I love homemade tomato soup (none of that condensed stuff in a can though). I love homemade tomato soup so much that it was my requested birthday meal every year while growing up.
  4. I love when my dog licks my feet.
  5. I have strong love/hate feelings when it comes to Facebook and blogs.
  6. I went by Candi until my high school boyfriend said it sounds like a stripper name. I haven't gone by Candi since.
  7. My dog's middle name is Bono.

I'm shooting for 5-6 miles tomorrow. With that and my other miles this week, I will be around 10% higher than last week. Figuring out my training for the next 13 weeks is at the top of my weekend "To Do" list.

Happy Friday! Run Happy!


  1. TOTALLY agree with #1, TOTALLY disagree with #4.. LOL!

    Candi Barbie, nice ring to it.

    Good luck withe your run buddy!

  2. I'm right there with you on #2! How funny!

    And I'm with Mel - can't stand #4!

    Have a great run tomorrow! Happy Valentines Weekend!

  3. Tomato soup now sounds so good!

    I hope you have a great run tomorrow! I am slated for 5 with the "Team" so nothing too insane over here! Hope your knees feel great! (Oh, and way to rock that 8:34 mile yesterday!)

    Candi the stripper, eh? :)

  4. Funny list! I really can't handle #4 though. Eww! Have a good run tomorrow!

  5. haha my hubby would say the same thing about the name candi.

  6. I've never had homemade tomato soup. It sounds like I'm missing out!

    Have a great run tomorrow!

  7. I love tomatoes but am not big on the soup.

  8. I hear #5, and homemade tomato soup is incredible!

  9. I hate tomatoes! Tomato soup is alright- I wouldn't even know how to make it and I really haven't had tomato soup since I was little.

  10. Candi is an awesome name. You can tell where your BF's mind was at the time...

  11. i opposite on the tomatoes, not really a fan of the soup but really love tomatoes maybe I need to try making some homemade tomato soup i bet it makes all the difference.

    Also I wanted to stop by and let you know i have a few giveaways going on right now if your interested.

  12. I'm with Erica. I love tomatoes but won't touch the soup. Never have!
    Have a fun weekend!

  13. Love homemade tomato soup!

    Great list!

  14. hubs is the same way with tomatoes! Loves salsa, tomato soup, pasta sauce... hates tomatoes! I thought he was the only one! Have a great run!

  15. I totally agree with #1 and #2 - too funny!!

  16. Nice to know you a little bit.

    The age thing, that's way I just stopped adding years. Its easier to remember.


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