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Monday, February 8, 2010

Jump Up, Jump Up and Get Down

Just a quick postscript to Thursday's post:

  • I am going to Kauai, so let me know if you have been there and know some great spots to run!
  • Alicia is my new best friend since she said I look younger than 25. I might not be able to fool her once we meet in person though; we are going to plan a blogger meet-up as soon as I can run more than 3 miles at a time. I can't wait!

So Saturday we went to Jump On It, a 10,000 square foot room full of trampolines. I tried to tell myself it was a good idea since I do some exercises on the mini-tramp at PT (totally the same thing, right??). I was pretty cautious and didn't do anything crazy. It was fun and uneventful. Until later.

As soon as I got home, my knee started making this awful, crazy-loud popping noise when I go up or down the stairs or when I squat down. My knee doesn't hurt, but it is a little uncomfortable off and on throughout the day. And it feels like my kneecap is being heated from the inside out. So I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon on Thursday.

Since it doesn't hurt or make that clicking noise when I walk or run, the question is: To run or not to run? The thought of not running until I know what is going on makes Thursday seem really far away.

Oh, and I'm starting to think I should change the name of my blog to I Have Bad Knees.


  1. Well I have bad knees would be easier than "my knee started making this awful, crazy-loud popping noise." But that's pray that your knees quiet down and the surgeon has good news on Thursday. Good Luck.

  2. Oh, I would take a break until you hear with the doc says; you don't want to do anymore damage. I say this b/c I didn't take a break and ended up injurying myself MUCH worse. And you do look young, young, young!!!!

  3. Take a break. Ice for the knee; beer for you.

  4. I agree - wait and make sure you don't hurt something worse. Fingers crossed a few days of rest will help! Good luck!

  5. ouch, hope the knees are doing ok.

  6. Rest up until the knees feel better..... and ha ha on the blog name!

  7. My knee clicks too when I go up/down stairs. It doesn't ever hurt though so I keep running and close my ears when I'm using stairs.

  8. Wow, what an awesome place, my girls would just be in heaven! Get some ice on those knees!

  9. I would take a break - that just doesn't sound like something you should be testy with. Good luck!

    The jump place looks like a ton of fun!

  10. I run as long as I don't need to take pain meds and I'm not wincing! Stop if you feel pain! Proper advice would be to take a break and wait until Thursday!! I can't do trampolines! Not because of bad knees but because of 3! Trampoline=bathroom break!

  11. Uh-oh, that does sound a bit ominous. But good for you for jumping about after giving childbirth. I tried it once, and then I had to go change.


  12. You name the time and place and I'm so there! Can't wait for our bloggy meetup. I never get to run with anyone other than the hubster and he's been MIA on the trails lately.

    I've been to Jump On It a couple times. My son had his 6th b-day party there. Last time I went with the YW from church and it was then I realized I'm no longer as young and spry as I imagined myself to be. I tried a simple trick that left me with a hurt back. Back pain= OLD! We all know that. ;)

    And no worries. Bad knees= overacheiving athlete. Hope it's nothing serious. Keep us updated!


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