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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I love morning and mid-day runs because they leave my evening W-I-D-E open. I get almost giddy at the thought of a completely free evening. I mean there is laundry I could fold and dishes I could do but nothing pressing that I must do before my head hits the pillow.

My run today was great other than the lack of mid-day TV. I'm sorry but Hoda and Kathie Lee just don't pass the time quickly enough. However the tennis ball size chocolate truffles and the marshmallow-topped chocolate pizza they were making captured my attention for a few minutes. Other than that, I spent most of my run realizing it is time to update my playlist and to keep my iPod close at hand during my treadmill runs.

For the record, I have been running around 9:30 miles. Not too speedy, but I'm trying to keep things nice and easy until I know I am back to 100 percent.

It was interesting to hear all your comments about your “happy place.” I was surprised at how many of you don’t get there until four, five or even more miles into your runs. I’m pretty sure if I didn’t get there by mile three, I wouldn’t be calling myself a runner these days.

I know this is short, but I just remind myself that the ideal length of an online article is around 800 words and figure I am doing you a favor by not rambling on about nothing. So I am off to enjoy a cupcake, the result of my biggest little midge’s fixation on making cupcakes after she got an apron with a cupcake design on it for Christmas. Hopefully the request for cupcakes won’t happen every time she puts the apron on or two miles per day won't be enough for a whole new reason!


  1. So if I buy the midge an apron with steak and lobster on it do you think...

  2. I have a little baker as well (mainly because he likes to dump the measuring cup and say the word flour - over and over and over) - we send all baked goods to work with Dad Wonder to share the love with his students!

  3. I love morning workouts for the same reason! I love having time at night to just hang around!

  4. I just started training for a marathon and I completely agree with you on getting the run done first thing in the morning. It is awesome! That said, I work early mornings on Tuesday/Thursday as a personal I have a run tomorrow evening that will take a lot of mental strength to get through. It will be fine once I start...but getting there is rough for me. :)

    Hope you enjoyed the cupcake!

  5. Oooh cupcakes! Don't even get me started.


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