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Things I Love Thursday - Sunscreen

If you've hung around my blog for a while, you probably know my hubs calls me The Sunscreen Nazi. I actually take pride in the fact that my girls freak out if we are at the park and they realize we forgot to put on sunscreen. I think it's awesome that a sunscreen stick is as fun for them as lip gloss. I am somewhat anal about keeping their porcelain white skin as flawless and porcelain-like as long as possible. And when one of them gets a freckle, I feel like I've failed as a mother.

I haven't always been a sunscreen fanatic. In high school, I was very tan for senior prom. After that, the tanning bed remained my friend throughout college. I have a sheet of freckles on my back to prove it. I'd show you the proof, but I haven't figured out how to take a good self-portrait of my back.

As I've gotten older and apparently wiser, I've also become more aware and terrified of wrinkles and skin cancer. So enter the sunscreen. Lots of sunscreen. However, I will admit I like the way I look with a tan. And when I noticed how glaringly white my legs were a few weeks ago between my black running skirt and my black running shoes, I figured anyone who sees me like that prefer the way I look with a tan too.

So in spite of my fears of turning orange, I decided to try a sunless tanner. It was kind a spur of the moment thing when I was standing in line at Victoria's Secret and saw this:

Beach Sexy Custom Tan Adjustable Self-tan Lotion with Shimmer

I figured this was a good way to start so I could go darker or lighter if I was beginning to resemble a carrot. So far, so good.

I'm just a touch darker than my girls, but at least it's not orange. And who can resist a little shimmer? I figure I'll go a little darker once it isn't rainy and in the 40s anymore.

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  1. I DID vote for you today :).

    I'm obsessed with sunscreen too. I actually don't tan, so I don't ever really regret wearing sunscreen because the other option is lobster red. Way to be an awesome mom!

  2. I'm a little torn on the sunscreen thing because of the chemicals and it blocks your ability to absorb vit D. I try to only buy natural sunblock/.

  3. Ohh, i like this! I'm going to try it bc I have freckles and pale skin - but I don't want skin cancer. This is the perfect combo :)

  4. Wow I am going to have to pick it up! I am just like you with the sun god in high school and actually just found out I have skin cancer. Basel cell and will get my first treatment on June 30th. I have been a crazy natzi as well and really appreciate your honesty about the color, I can't wait to try it.

    I fear the carrot look

  5. yeah...what is it about this weather!?! I keep hearing about self-tanners! please keep us updated on how you like it...I have no idea which one to try!

  6. I recently started the spray tan in anticipation of summer. I hope I don't turn into a pumpkin. Good luck with the safe tanning :)

  7. How is the smell? I have used the sunless stuff, but the only thing I have found so far that doesn't gag me is Lancome. However it is super pricey and I'm looking for an alternative.

  8. I am terrible at remembering to wear sunscreen I really need to learn from you. I missed your post from Wednesday but that picture of your hubby and little girl running is seriously the cutest thing ever!

    Have a great Friday! P.S. We really need to get together one of these days. Blogger date?

  9. Sunscreen!! After my second dermo appointment I'm on the soap box again too. I agree and I wish I didn't but a tan does make a person look "healthier." I just I thought differently. But now for I'll be ok with being fair instead of tan and coat me and the family in sunscreen. I'm too chicken to try self tanners.

    voting!!! vote for me too when you hop over to COMs.

  10. I wear sunscreen on my face everyday but am terrible about it everywhere else unless we're at the pool or something like that. I need to be better. I'd like to try out some of that fake tan stuff. I think I look better a little tan.
    Oh, and I voted for you!

  11. Hmmm this is interesting, I am so not with you on the sunscreen issue. The sun is good for you in moderation and sunscreen blocks out all the good rays but lets the bad ones get to you! Doesn't it seem that skin cancer is more common these days, and I really believe it's because more people are using sunscreen and using it to often. Not to mention all the chemicals they put in the nasty stuff:)

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