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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mom, Runner, Blogger (with a sore toe)

Not sure how I forgot this yesterday:

My girl got out and ran with her dad for about a mile. She was loving all the honks and waves she got and was seriously eating up all the attention, until she ate it. She hit the ground hard, scraping both knees and elbows. But after we got Band-aids on all her war wounds (including a princess Band-aid that a runner from another team brought over to us - aren't runners the best?!), she was excited to talk all about the people who waved and honked and cheered for her.

My other girl had her last day of gymnastics today. I don't think she will miss it too much over the summer since all she wants to do is the balance beam or the trampoline. I won't miss it too much either since it seems like it is the one place I can count on my broken toe being re-injured each week. I don't know how it happens, but it gets stepped on at least once. Today it was three times. Since the toe is still so swollen and tender that I'm limited to flip flops or running shoes, I'm starting to wonder if it will ever get better. And I wouldn't trade my kids for anything, not even a happy toe, but I'm pretty sure the little guy would be happily healed by now if I didn't have little people stepping on it all the time. Oh, well. At least it doesn't keep me from running!

And since this is as much a mom post as a running post, I might as well ask you to vote for me at Circle of Moms. I have been nominated for the Top 25 Health & Fitness Mom Blogs. So if you think I deserve it, please click the link/button below to vote for me. You can vote once a day until June 1st. And if you really love me, you can vote from every computer and mobile device you own (or use at work)!! Thanks! I wouldn't be a mom blogger without all of you (and the kids of course).


  1. I've voted every day this week. :)

    Sending your toe get better vibes!!!

  2. I like little people.
    Especially little people running around with their parents. :)
    Too cute!

  3. As someone who runs with all my children I love to see and read about parents running with their kids. I hope her scrapes are getting all better :)

  4. Voted! That's a great picture of your girl running. My little girl loves to go on runs with me too.

  5. Sorry to hear about the fall, but loving the picture. My kids recently ran with me for the first time, and once I got over the initial shock it was great. Hopefully it becomes a habit, but being careful not to push it.

    Voting for you as much as I can.

  6. voted! and how awesome that they ran together :)!!!

    ps Tangled is SO good!!

  7. Best pic!! And loving that they had princess bandaid :)

  8. Getting the kids out running is the best. I really want to enjoy running w/ my kids through their teens...we'll see what happens! Healing thoughts to your toe!

  9. Too bad about the fall! You can be very grateful that she enjoys running like that. Not many kids would be so positive about it and definitely not after a fall. So all perfect according to me! Have voted and will again!

  10. I like the honks and whistles too, when I'm out running. I'm a bit ashamed to admit. They make me feel like I've stil got it!

  11. Love, love, love the picture! That is just awesome!

  12. so cute! i love when I see kids out there running with their parents. you have a future runner on your hands!


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