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Three Things Thursday

It's Thursday again, so why not make it easy with another Three Things Thursday? Here goes:
  • Had my appointment with the orthopedic surgeon today. Something is wrong under my kneecap, possibly with the cartilage (which would explain the popping noise). For the next three weeks, whenever I have pain I am supposed to stop immediately what I am doing and rest my knee. I also have to avoid things that will aggravate my kneecap, such as squats. I got the go ahead to run though, with no limitations other than to stop if I feel pain. The doc also said to STOP going to physical therapy, which is very possibly what aggravated my kneecap in the first place since my physical therapist had me doing an exercise that involved a lot of squatting. According to the ortho, the only reason for PT is limited range of motion (found out I have perfect range of motion) or muscle weakness (found out I have excellent muscle strength in the muscles surrounding my knee). The ortho also recommended I take glucosamine, but since I'm still making boob juice I will have to put that off for now. I go back to the doc in three weeks. If I am not pain free then he'll order an MRI.

  • Took full advantage of the go ahead to run and hit the treadmill for 3.5 miles while my girls napped. I even pushed it a little with one 8:34 mile. I'm trying to figure out how to ease back into my marathon training plan. My marathon is 13 weeks from Saturday. I was planning on doing a FIRST program, running three days a week. Any suggestions or advice is VERY welcome!

  • Just drank a glass of chocolate milk. Before I started running, I NEVER drank chocolate milk. Now I actually crave it when I finish a run. I use either Carnation Instant Breakfast or Nesquik powder. Do you drink chocolate milk after you run and what kind do you prefer (brand and powder or syrup)?

Run happy!!


  1. OMW - your knee sounds like me knee... literally. There are days when it's snap crackle pop. So, after a few months of frustration, I ended up seeing a chiropractor who specializes in ART. Not just any chiropractor will do. Think of it as Chiropractics for Active People. I just wanted to share that with you, just incase...

    I am not a huge chocolate milk drinker, but it was my preferred recovery drink after my 20 mile runs! I like the little single serve boxes made by Horizon (?) or something like that... but they have to be SUPER cold!

  2. I help resting your knee helps. :) I only crave chocolate milk every now and then my kids love it so I get the Kirkland Organic Chocolate milk for Costco but Horizon makes a good one to

  3. i drink Nesquik...they sell 100 calorie bottles. and it is just the right amount of chocolate milk after a run.

  4. i know Aron does 12 weeks plans but she does CRAZY miles.. We like Nesquick..

    Hugs to running again Barbie..

  5. Goodness! I hope the knee is better soon - that sounds painful!

    Never tried chocolate milk...Might have to add that to the grocery list!

  6. I cetainly hope your knee gets better. When I went to the ortho, I ended up getting sliced.

  7. I hope the knee gets better soon. Do you swim? Do you workout at the PG rec center? Mt twin sister goes there just about every day. :)
    I love chocolate milk after a workout. Any kind will do... tee hee

  8. noticed you are running Hurricane half.. ran that one twice, but its been a really long time. I got my PR on that course. 1:34
    Also I ran Ogden in 2008. Pretty great course,it was just super hot when we got out of the canyon. ugh. good luck with all your training. Maybe if I come out this summmer to visit my sister in PG, we can hook up for a run. :)

  9. Hope your knee feels ok...I hate knee problems. I can't do squats either because I have pain and my knees wobble a little. I did some lunges to strengthen my knees and quads (without any weights) but I was dealing with weak knees and hips. It is so tricky to find out what is wrong because it could be so many different things!

    I can't drink milk after running. It makes me feel stomach cramping, feel like death on the floor pain. Idk, im not lactose intolerant but after a run me and dairy dont mix!

  10. We buy the thick chocolate milk in the jug at Costco. Nothing is better after a long run!

    I've been doing the FIRST half-marathon training while in between marathons here. So far, I really like running 3 times a week but I have to admit the tempo days are tough!


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