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Big Dogs and Little Guns

Between this blog, my family blog, reading all of your blogs and writing (including another blogging job) for work, I spend a lot of time on the computer. However, I schedule a lot of my computer time when my girls are asleep. Otherwise this is what happens... oldest child entertains herself by doing things like taking pictures with my phone and my youngest child either wants to sit on my lap and "help" or just stands and whines until I redirect my attention to her.

It is safe (on your part) to assume my girls are now sleeping.

Yesterday I did speedwork. I am mixing and matching the runs from the first six weeks of my training plan until I work up to the mileage it would normally have me running. I did week 16's speedwork, which was:

10 minutes easy
4x 3 mins fast/3 mins recovery
10 minutes easy (which I cut a little short because I was really hungry)

I did the fast minutes at 8:34 pace and recovered around a 10:00 pace (after first slowing enough to take a drink without giving the treadmill a bath). I ran a total of 4.25 miles.

Tomorrow's tempo run is 2 easy, 2 tempo, 2 easy. I haven't done too many tempo runs (ever) so wish me luck.

And speaking of running, I take my dog to the vet every month for an injection (he has Addison's disease). This morning as I crossed that off my to-do list for the day, I remembered seeing a St. Bernard the last time we were there. It was the BIGGEST dog I have ever seen, bigger than any Great Dane or other ginormous breed of dog. I mean this dog was CRAZY BIG. Even my girls, who are fearless when it comes to animals, backed up a little when he came in the room. Seeing that dog made me wonder:

Should I get a really big dog or a little tiny gun to carry when I run?

I am really paranoid when I run. I live in a pretty safe area, but I still hug the shoulder a little more when a van without windows drives by or when I run through an unfamiliar neighborhood and have visions of some crazy person snatching me. This paranoia is also one of the reasons trail running FREAKS ME OUT.

Before you share your opinion (and please DO share), here are just a few of the pros and cons I have put together:

  • It wouldn't be surprising if I somehow end up shooting myself in the foot = con.
  • I don't like cleaning up dog poop. My little dog has little poop that he is often kind enough to deposit along the edge of the yard or in the bushes. A big dog would have BIG poop that would not be easy to dodge and would likely be all over the yard = con.
  • I would have to learn to shoot a gun. This is something I would like to do anyway = pro. It takes time, which I don't have a lot of = con.
  • My little dog is almost blind. Not sure if a playmate would be a good or a bad thing for him = pro or con.

Another very important consideration: Is there a gun that is small enough to fit in my SPIbelt?


  1. Good luck on your tempo run! Sounds like your speed work was fab - way to go!

    I am cracking up at the picture - only because it was taken by your daughter! Too funny!

    A gun? I bet you could find a teeny one to fit in your Spibelt. (I LOVE my Spibelt!) But I would absolutly hurt myself if I ran with a gun. I think you'd be better off with mace or a taser. Because my other issue is that I'd not hit my target with a gun if I needed to. :)

  2. Tell your husband he needs to pony up for your own little personal running security detail.

  3. What about runner's mace? Pretty sure you could not shoot your foot off and there would be no poop involved :)


  4. your post and everyone's comments made me smile. too funny! and how precious that your daughter took that picture. thanks for the recommendation on the stephen king book. i went out today and purchased it. i am not spending too much time on the computer tonight because that is what i will be reading.

  5. Good Luck with your workouts.

    Great picture. Talk your daughter she has a good eye!

    Hopefully you will not need either of those two options. Mace, maybe. It is easy to get freaked out on the trails.

  6. I'm not sure if a whole gun would fit in the SPIbelt lol. I vote for big dogs-mostly because I love big dogs and grew up with golden retrievers. I can't wait to get one! A) you can train them to poop on the side of the house or at least the outskirts B) They make big poops-but big poops are easier to see than little poops- so less likely to step in them because they are VERY visable. C) I'm not sure how the little dog would like a new dog but my vote is still get a doggie....or a gun I guess ;)

  7. Awww - cute picture. I'm impressed that she actually was able to frame the shot!

    I vote for mace - no dog or gun. And, make sure the GPS is turned active on your phone.

  8. I am a paranoid runner too. Really... like picturing some guy grabbing me out in the middle of no where with no one to hear my screams. I've posted on this before. The only thing that helps me is a running partner or staying on main roads where there would be plenty of witnesses.
    Check and see if your community offers the RAD (rape aggression defense) self defense course. I took it several years ago and it changed my thinking about carrying a gun or even mace with me anywhere. It also helped me to develop a plan of what to do to escape and survive in a bad situation. Well worth your time.
    Love the picture!

  9. I found your blog linking through other running blogs. I just loved this post. I have had the same thoughts before, I have always been a little worried running alone. My last run, some stray dog started following me and instead of biting me he ended up running alongside me. He was a great running partner. I couldn't believe how much safer I felt running next to someone elses big dog. I have never been a dog lover but after this experience I am thinking a big dog is a great idea. (Except for the poop, still not sure about all that.)

  10. Very cute picture. I'd get the dog before the gun and take a self defense class.

  11. No paranoid running when you're running with a friend! My first thought after reading your post, "A gun? Really?!" A gun seems like overkill. Maybe pepper spray would make you feel safer? You live in Pleasant Grove, for goodness sakes! Ha ha!

    By the way, I think I'm running the 10k training run that starts at Get Fit in Highland this Saturday @ 8am. I've never done any of their runs before but Saturday's my tempo day and I need a change of scenery. You in?

  12. Great job on the speed work! I used to run to and from work years ago. Through the middle of the city in the middle of the night. I carried a gun. There are weapons that are small and effective. Sad but true...there are plenty of mean people out there! Be careful!

  13. I like the workout and I understand the juggle of kids and blogs! =) It can be tricky!

  14. Candice- Speaking as a paranoid myself- the last thing a paranoid person needs is ammunition! Worked for Life Flight for years. Only once saw a perp shot. Usually the gun owner on the gurney.
    On to brighter subjects! Have you read "Born to run"? I just finished it- great read. Also he has such diverse running schedules. Unlike any others I've seen. Meant to make a more well-rounded runner. I'm going to try it!

  15. I run with my dog. She isn't exactly huge but she isn't a toy dog. I live out in the country and there aren't a lot of traffic or people. Running for most people here is a remote idea. Running to the fridge - yes. Running just because to run - ha!
    So, if someone grabbed me and pushed me in the vehicle, I guess, I will be gone. I run with my cellphone though.


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