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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Running is Not Pretty

The ONE decent race pic

As I browsed the lost and found race photos looking for my girl, I realized running is not flattering. That realization made me feel a little better when I could only find three of 22 photos of myself that I would (barely) want to share on the blog. Now here is some other post-race miscellany (and stolen pics)...
  • I drink chocolate milk after every run. There was chocolate milk after the race. Did I drink any? No, not with the puking and all. I didn't put anything in my stomach except water until that afternoon.

  • Last week was my first 30+ mile week since last October. Next time I might consider a taper.

  • I puked right by where they handed out the awards. My apologies to anyone who ended up standing in it.

  • I threw up on my medal. The first two times I doubled over, I remembered to hold my medal back. The third time, it swung forward just as I puked.

  • When The Princess called to tell Grandma about her race, my girl said she is going to do more races. I tried to contain my excitement, since I only want her to run if she wants to run. But I was pretty happy!!

  • Still love my Auria earphones. They didn't move at all.

  • I loved when the two new songs on my playlist came on: Dog Days Are Over & My Body. They rock!!! PERFECT running songs.

  • I think I look like a boy in my ear warmer headband. Not a fan of those pics.

  • Apparently this was the best smile I could manage as I pushed to the finish.


  1. You're so funny--no one ever likes there pics! You look great. Sorry about all that puking!

  2. Running pictures are NOT flattering... but I think you look pretty dang good. Especially when you puked so much after the race.

  3. your

    you are so awesome.

    "I puked right by where they handed out the awards. My apologies to anyone who ended up standing in it."

    loved. that

  4. I think your pictures look great! And I love your outfit! Cute jacket/shirt! It's hard to look good while running, but you managed it!

  5. Awe, those are great photos - love the first one in "mid-flight"! Just say no to puke!

  6. you should see my race pictures! yours look fantastic (and you definitely don't look like a boy!), especially for someone who did or is about to puke!!

    yay for a little runner girl!

  7. I think your pictures are great!
    Mine are always either with a neck or with double necks!
    Go figure!

  8. Puking in general is not fun... puking on something that you worked hard for = worse. My race photos are never good. I ended up looking very pissed off in my last 1/2 marathon photos because I was trying to push through knee pain.

  9. Barbie you look great as always.. Funny story I puked on my Vegas Marathon medal and hubby put it in a shadow box frame before I could wash it off.. Now how hard core is that? hehe

  10. I think those pictures are great, but the real question is, are there any of you puking? Not that I want to see them, cause I don't, but they would be worth going in an album to prove how hardcore of a runner you are.

  11. Great pic's. We always think pictures of ourselves look bad. Sorry you were not feeling so well the day of the race. But how sweet is that, that your daughter wants to run more races. I alway wished my one of my boys would like running but not in the cards. I'm RUNNING SOLO.

  12. You look great!! Thanks for the sticker - BTW - I was finally able to open my mailbox last week to retrieve it (apparently super powers are required for these po boxes). Love that the daughter wants to run more races~!

  13. New follower alert :) I think your pics are great at least you try to smile I always look so serious, like I am on a mission to kill someone..HA but I really do love running!

  14. Your puking in this event just reached epic proportions! Your pics are awesome!!!

  15. Your pics are great! Zippy is right, no one ever likes their own photos. Puking sucks, chocolate milk rocks!

  16. I think you look great in your photos but I totally understand what you are saying. I completely cringe when I go through my race photos. eeek!

    I am so sorry you got so sick and puked on your medal. :(

  17. Yeaaahhh C! I've heard from everyone at CrossFit this week, it is VERY cool to puke after a big race. It means you are one tough mamma who gave it her all! I am so happy i could run with you. You are amazing!

  18. Ugh. Puking is the worst! Especially when your medal is collateral damage. Hope you're feeling better! (You DON'T look like a guy, even with a headband.)

  19. Running pictures are always beautiful.
    I like the 3rd where you give "an important lesson" to the 2 men!

  20. I haven't bought a race pic in 9 years.

  21. You definitely don't look like a boy and I love the pictures! :0)


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