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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


My day so far...

I cleaned up this mess. Sometimes I try to be the mom that just lets The Princess's room go with the hope that she'll eventually get tired of it and clean it herself. That hasn't happened yet obviously.

Then I made and ate this. It is on a dessert plate because it makes me feel like I am getting more to eat.

Next it was time to shower and get dressed in this.

I was going to run before the shower but made a last minute doctor's appointment to make sure I don't need to do anything more than I am doing to get and keep my leg happy. He prescribed this. And physical therapy.

Now I'm doing this. There is no picture because you are lookin' at it. I'm blogging while my girls sleep.

And in a few hours, I'll be here.

I literally have butterflies. I am so excited!!

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  1. a very productive day that will have an awesome conclusion! Have so much fun!

  2. Rattle & hum
    You are going to U2?
    Racing Dawn is going to U2.
    I was jealous of your breakfast but holy crap . . . U2?!?

  3. We are driving three hours from WY to come to the concert! Can't wait!!!!!

  4. Have fun tonight! Is it sad that I gave up my ticket to stay home with my baby?
    Please tell Edge that I love him.

  5. hi friend! emz told me to come check you out...i'm heading to u2 tonight too!!! can hardly wait! i got lucky getting tix yesterday!!! i can't even stand it. hope you have fun!

  6. I saw U2 in concert years ago. What fun! Have a blast!

    (A U2 concert is totally all-caps worthy, no?)

  8. I was just thinking this morning that my littlest's princess room looks like it's been ransacked. Glad I'm not alone on that front.
    Enjoy U2!!!

  9. Have a great time. Blow Bono a kiss from me too if you don't mind. =)

  10. Your going to U2!!! Yay have so much fun!! I am so jealous.

  11. Enjoy the concert. I saw the 360° in Roma last year.
    About "The One" song I prefer the U2/Mary J. Blige version.

  12. Great googly moogly, if my (or my sister's) room ever looked like that we would have lost half our toys and been grounded for a week.

  13. Aaaah! envy, envy! Hope you had a good time!

    My room looked like that when I was younger - all the time. I did grow out of it, eventually.

  14. I am a total advocate for Physical Therapy! Mostly because I work at a Physical Therapy clinic and I see the difference it makes, especially in runners. It has taken away the knee pain I used to experience when running. Good luck with it!

  15. Frozen veggie leg is now celebrating with celebrex?
    Well, if your leg is well enough to U2, it doesn't sound too bad.
    And that princess bedroom post-earthquake pic. That earned you another Top 25 Mom Blogger vote.


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