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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I Should Probably Tell Bono He's My Child's Godfather

I am very tired today. But very happy. Every lost moment of sleep was TOTALLY. WORTH. IT. And who knew so many of you are fellow U2 fans? Maybe not fans like I am a fan since my blog title is taken from one of their songs, my dog's middle name is Bono, and I claim Bono is my daughter's godfather since she went to two U2 concerts while in the womb. But really, how could anyone not be a U2 fan?

I've had tickets to this concert for almost two years, so I have been waiting for this for a long time. But it was worth the wait.

Now in my half asleep state, I'm here to share some of last night's highlights with you. And wouldn't you know...there is even some running/blogging related stuff in here.

The Fray was great. You can't be a Grey's Anatomy fan and not like them. They are a surprisingly cute bunch of guys, even in their skinny jeans. And it made me feel better to find out the lead singer is 30 since he looks much younger. Not sure why it makes me feel better, but it does. Then while we waited for U2 to start, I saw this. It made me smile and think of all of you. Someday I may be too old for general admission, standing only tickets. That day is not today (or technically yesterday). There is nothing like being that close to the action. And while I didn't see any of Bono's crotch sweat like I did at their last concert (5 years ago when I was preggers), I think it's just because he was a little more mellow this time around and didn't sweat as much. Or maybe one of his buddies is a runner and introduced him to some amazing, breathable fabric that he's having his pants made of now. Some other things I realized last night:

  • I can go four hours without peeing even though I had to go and couldn't jump too much for fear of peeing my pants. I'm thinking I can make it through a marathon without a potty stop with a little practice and planning (fingers crossed).

  • I can get better pictures when the guys stand still.

  • I love hearing Bono say the word run. You should have seen my smile when he sang the first line of Where the Street Have No Name.

  • You can get a little exercise at a concert. I'm not just talking about the jumping and dancing either. My arm is rather sore today from holding my phone up to record One and then again when everyone pulled out their phones to light up the stadium (so much safer than lighters; gotta love technology).

And just so you know I was really there and didn't steal all the pics/video off the Internet, here is my post-concert happiness (with the hubs and my brother and his beautiful wife).


  1. i love U2!!! so glad to hear they put on such an amazing show!! :)

  2. That is so cool! Glad you had a good time!

  3. So very jealous. It's been many years since I last saw them in concert, but it was an incredible show. Glad to hear they've still got it. Interesting combination for the opening act.

  4. Awesome! So jealous! I was hoping for some pics - thank you!!

  5. hahaah, I love U2, but you LOVE U2! Looks like an awesome time!!

  6. Sorry, but Bono is all mine! ; )

    They are the best...saw them a few years back and loved every minute of it. Lucky you!

  7. you back up lady...he's MY child's father!


  8. You are so so lucky! I can't listen to them without being transported back to high school and sitting in my boyfriends room listening to Where the Streets Have No Name.

  9. You are such a HUGE fan of U2, huh? One of my buddies was up there, too. She was so excited. Glad you had a good time!

  10. Sounds like you had tons of fun...lucky you! My hubby and I are super jelous.

  11. Awesome!
    I'm not a die-hard, know-every-song and every-single-lyric U2 fan... but whenever their songs come on the radio, I just smile. Big Smile!

  12. So U2, there like a band or something?


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