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Monday, May 9, 2011

Playing the Lottery

EMZ ran over 100 miles in 24 hours. On a treadmill. See the end of her run HERE. Then go donate. It's not too late.

I wore this on Friday and thought about her all day:

And my mom, who lives in the Phoeniz area, sent me these updates:

Of course, she is crazy. In all the good ways. We all love you EMZ!

I haven't spent 24 hours on a treadmill lately, or even cumulatively in the past few weeks, but I did sign up to Run the Slam. Participants run in four of the six half marathons, get to compare their overall time with other runners, and get a unique four-part medal. It is limited to the first 150 participants. I figured since I am already registered for three of the six half marathon options, why not? So I signed up for the Slam and registered for another half marathon on September 10. That was the excitement around here. At least for a few days.

Then I remembered the St. George Marathon lottery results were being posted today and sat down at my computer this morning to find out my fate. I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted that fate to be. Part of me wants to see what I can really do with 26.2 miles and the other part of me is happy running 13.1 miles, puke and all.

So I typed in my name and nothing appeared. I've been there. Two years ago, the same thing happened. Then I noticed it said to include my middle initial. So I entered it again with that additional little letter. And there is was. I'm in.

Still processing how I feel.


  1. COngrats on getting in to the St. George Marathon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And Run The Slam sounds pretty awesome!

  2. I loved that she has a RunNerd sticker on her treadmill, too! She's amazing...over 100

  3. Woah, sounds like 26.2 was meant to be! Good luck with your training!

  4. I saw the Runnerd sticker on her treadmill and thought that was so cool! Yay!

    Congrats on getting in to SGM. Once you process it, I bet you'll be psyched and ready to get training. Hope so anyway ;-)

  5. congrats on getting in! EMZ is totally crazy, but also completely awesome

  6. Congrats on St. George.
    Hey! We wore the same shirt Friday. ;)

  7. The stars have aligned for you.
    Marathon begging you to run.
    EMZ showing you that a few 20-milers on Millie will be no big deal.
    AND a bunch of tune-up HM's.

    All that's left is to keep up your effort and play with the McMillan Calculator. There's an awesome marathon finishing time in your future!

  8. Congrats on getting in! I think I'm less than 50% on lotteries.

  9. first - you are beautiful
    second - love your mom's texts.
    third - holy freaking awesome! St G! you are going to rock it woman!!

  10. eeeeeek!!!! I got in too!!!! its going to be SO epic! we have to have a huge blogger meet-up! I totally did not think I would get in...and for a while I was okay with that...I think it is finally sinking in that I will have to keep training this summer for marathon #2 :) YAY!! so excited you got in!

    also...I want an EMZ shirt so badly. She is so inspiring and amazing. LOVE IT!

  11. Very Cool!
    I am still all teary about amazing!

  12. wow, congrats on getting in!

    I can't get over EMZ, I thought of all the things I did while she was running, but I got to sleep! She's amazing.

  13. Yay I am so excited you got into St. George. I am thinking there must be an epic blogger meet up in the works?

    I need to check into the grand slam thing that sounds awesome and I am so glad you shared it.

    P.S. I got your headphones in the mail and can't wait to try them out! Thank you so much and we really must hangout soon! :)

  14. Congrats for getting into St. George! I've been hearing bad news from everywhere so I'm super excited for you!

  15. Congrats, cant wait to hear how it goes!

  16. I am so happy you got into St. George. Like i said, now you can feel the "pain" with me!

    I almost signed up for the slam too, but then i looked at the dates and it looks like i will be missing out on quite a few with our european trip this summer.

    Next time C!


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