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Monday, February 7, 2011

Stick it to me

It's a big day. Not because I got a short 3.3 miles in this morning in spite of a sore hamstring I pulled during my afternoon pre-Super Bowl cooking session. Yes, I hurt it when reaching for something while making Muddy Buddies, not while running or doing some hard core strength training. The hammie survived and feels much better. But still, not why it's a big day.

It's because.................................................they're here!

RUNNERD stickers are here.

And they are awesome. Thanks to

Wanna see them????? Here they are:

The bottom is a transparent car decal with white print. The top two are square bumper sticker quality stickers. One is black print/white background; the other black print/pink background (the white around the edge is the paper backing, not part of the sticker).

Wanna know how to get one? Here are two easy ways:

  1. Suggest a great idea for another RUNNERD sticker giveaway. Leave your idea in a comment. You must be a "follower" of my blog to be eligible, so make sure you "Follow" and note that in your comment as well. You can suggest as many giveaway ideas as you want. I will choose my three favorite, and each of the three winning contributors will get the sticker of his/her choice. This giveaway will end Friday, February 11th.
  2. "Like" the RUNNERD Facebook page. I will do a random drawing of the first 100 fans of the page. Five people will win RUNNERD car decals.


  1. You should have a "fan sign" contest, where people have to write either runnerd or your blog name on their body somewhere, and email you the picture!

    (I am totally a follower)

  2. oh man, muddy buddies are THE best, if we're talking about the same thing (chex cereal with pb, chocolate, and powdered sugar).

    I like runnerds on FB. I can't really think of any good ideas for a giveaway other than having people submit their "nerdiest" running picture and then having people vote on a winner.

  3. YOu know I already "Like" the Runnerd page and as for a contest, I think you should have everyone submit a pic of why they are the biggest Runnerd around!

  4. Love the decals! Very cool, Candice!

    I like the "nerdy" running picture idea. We all have nerdy running pictures, don't we? Another idea- have people submit their runnerdiest running moments.

    Hope you are doing well! Are you for sure running the Shamrock half?

  5. YAY

    I love the black with white writing.

    ummmm, I'm a loser w/o a FB acct.

  6. Loving the car decal!

    Idea huh? The best Runnerd story. A story about what makes each of us a RunNerd!


  7. I'm a follower and have already liked the FB page.

    Ideas -
    Virtual "Dress like a nerd" race.

    Video yourself dressed like a nerd and doing the running man for an entry.

    Best healthy recipe entry

    How many __________ (insert exercise) can you do in _______ (insert minutes).

    Video - Runnerd theme song. Best lirics win.

  8. I'm a follower but am lame and don't do facebook.
    Love Kiesha's ideas, Runnerd theme song! But that's not gonna win me one of those sweet stickers!
    How about the best definition of a runnerd?
    I hope you're just gonna sell them for the average person. I love it!

  9. CUTE!! I think we should have "RUNNERD" buttons for our blogs! How cute would that be?! :0)

    You know I'm already a RUNNERD follower AND a RUNNERD Facebook follower! :0)

  10. I need one of these for my car! Please... pretty please!!!

  11. How do you Runnerdy?? Answer that and WIN!!

  12. More ideas for ya.

    Best Runnerd Poem


    Top 10 Reason's to be a Runnerd...Letterman Style. :)

  13. Well now, I can get behind this. I am a runNerd professional. Ask anyone who has seen me in action. Just "liked" you on FB!


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