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Pink Balls and Pity Parties

The previously planning cross training for today - skiing with The Princess after ski school - will no longer be happening. As much as I was looking forward to seeing my girl's skiing skills, I wasn't looking forward to doing it in temps in the teens. Apparently the ski instructors must have felt the same or someone higher up was smart enough to realize a bunch of frozen little kids would not have been happy learners, so ski school was cancelled. Or more correctly, postponed.

So there will be a run once lunch has digested. While I wait, I figured I would sign my Princess up for soccer. She is going to be on a team with one of her best friends (yes, we learned this year that 4-year-olds do have best friends). Since I'm not completely sure The Princess knows what soccer IS, it should be interesting. But I figure their uniforms are purple, so it will be all good. Maybe we can even round up some purple cleats and a pink and purple ball.

No matter what, as long as she has her friend on the field with her, no one has a chance of intimidating her. That is, if she even notices anyone else.

I, on the other hand, am easily intimidated. Proof of this is my recent absence from commenting and participating in the blogging world. I took a little hiatus from reading most of the blogs I normally follow. I try to keep up with the 165 blogs in my Reader, but a few months ago I realized more often than not I wasn't going away from them motivated and inspired but rather feeling discouraged, like I would never be the runner I want to be. So I took a break.

It was exactly what I needed. Before easing back into my blog reading this past month, I removed some blogs from my Reader (there were over 200 back then) and I started out slow. I only read the ones I knew I could count on to motivate me. I have also had to really work on my mindset when I sit down to read blogs. I don't want to get up from the computer feeling bad about myself, whether it's because the blogger is a better runner than me, skinnier than me, prettier than me, smarter than me, whatever my insecurity is at the moment (and there are plenty). Sometimes this means closing a blog mid-post.

Hopefully though, my recent realizations will allow me to continue to be a part of this amazing blogging community. Because it truly is amazing. I have "met" some amazing people. I have felt encouragement, friendship and even love from other runners from around the world. Our little (or not so little as I am discovering more and more) running/blogging community is a remarkable gift, something I don't want to take for granted or lose because I am a dork that can't stop having pity parties for herself.


  1. Candice ~ Deep blogger thoughts in this post...and I appreciate it!
    I will never be faster, prettier, or skinnier than most people, but I'm the best me I've got ;-)
    It is hard sometimes, though, to not compare ourselves to others for sure! I like to always try to remember that we only get a little bit of the story in blogging. We don't truly know the other person's story and they might be thinking the same thing to THEMSELVES...that they are envious of where we are at in our journey. I've had several fast runners tell me they wish they could get back to the "fun" of running they had before they got so competitive. I like to keep that little fact in my brain catalog to remember when I start to worry I'm too slow.

    I ONLY like to take the precious little time we mamas have to read blogs that inspire me in some way. It's hard not to get caught up in it all sometimes, but I "know" which blogs do "it" for me and which ones don't. I hope you find your balance :-)

  2. You're totally right about the blogging community and I'm glad you're back after you reevaluated. It sounds like you've found the right plan for yourself! Good luck and know that you're awesome no matter what!

  3. Being a part of the blogging commmunity is motivating, inspiring and really hard work! There's so many out there and you want to read them all, to return the support, and sometimes you just can't make the rounds and other times, you don't want to because it's so easy to compare yourself or feel intimidated or even, completely uninspired as I've come to learn. But that's why Reader is a great thing, you can categorize them up; favorites, foodies, etc... It helps. But in the end there is a bit of "cleaning" you need to do from the list to make it manageable and motivating. I'm glad you're back on the scene though, I've missed your inspiring and honest posts, I miss your passion for the sport and your fam. You are a genuine blogger that I truly enjoy to have in my "fav runners" folder. :)

  4. So glad to hear someone else say that. I had to remind myself that we are all unique! I try to take what I can and not be envious of those people who just "run" whenever! Who knew that it DIDN'T take an act of congress to get out the door to run! Thanks for sharing.
    ps--you can always fit in a little run during soccer practice! multi-tasking at its best!

  5. Really great, honest post. I have the same problem at times. Less about running paces, etc (because I made sure I subscribed to some runners who are a bit slower than me in addition to the fasties, I'm not ashamed to admit that!) but about my career choice and utter lack of free time. I read about people who seem to have endless amounts of free time (or at least an hour or so a day!) and wish I did too! Keep up the great posts!


  6. great post as always.

    breaks are good things.

    but please don't stop blogging.


  7. It's nice to find out as we get older and wiser that our time is best spent on those things that uplift us and make us better. No time to waste on things that bring us down.
    I know just how you feel.

  8. Very cool that your Princess will be a soccer player. Fear not. All girls have a pink/purple ball and accessories, plenty of variety to choose from. While you're at it, pick up a set for your Bean, too. She'll be just as excited about the new sport. As if ski school isn't exciting enough for you all.
    As for the pity parties. Well. Maybe trade the next one in for a pretty party with your girls instead. Look hard enough, you'll always find somebody who appears to be better at everything.
    Except being You.


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