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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Millie

My happy action shot during seven miles on the 'mill today

I figure enough people have the Redhead's "Three Things Thursday" covered, so I decided to start my own little weekly (or every other week...only time will tell) Thursday special. So when I decided to talk about things I love, and yes I will try to keep them mostly running related, I couldn't start with anything other than Millie.

Yep, I named my treadmill. I decided I spend enough time with her and she has been such a good friend that she at least deserves a name. I thought about going with Miller so I could announce that it's "Miller Time" whenever I was going for a treadmill run, but I decided against it. Not just because I don't drink, but also because I can just imagine the other preschool moms asking me what exactly we do during "Miller Time" at our house. And this would most certainly happen because when I got a speeding ticket on my way to preschool one morning, it was the very next morning that one of the moms was telling me all about how The Princess had shared with her friends the exciting details about why she had been late to school.

So I went with Millie. As in Thoroughly Modern Millie. One of my most favorite Broadway shows. The movie, not as much.

Without Millie (the treadmill, not the musical) I could not, would not be a runner. When taking my girls out in the 14 degree weather isn't an option, when running during nap time is my only option, or when I need to get a long run in when my hubby is working a 90-hour week, it wouldn't happen without Millie. I love my treadmill. I love the freedom she gives me. I love that I only have to take 15 steps to go potty. I love that I can get six miles in, hear a cute little voice calling me from the other room, and finish my final mile while my little Jelly Bean catches up on the past few issues of Runners World.


  1. hahaha, now i want to name my treadmill!

  2. I love the Miller Time debate :-)

    The kids things share at school. I try to pretend it doesn't happen, but I know their teachers know more about me and our home life than I want them to!

  3. Oh, I even like the movie! I'm glad for my treadmill too but never named it. I like it!

  4. What a great tribute to your treadmill. I love mine, too, and wouldn't be where I am today without it!! (Love the photo of your daughter, so cute!)

  5. The Miller Time idea is too funny.

    You do love Millie, it wasn't too long ago you wrote an ode to her.

    And does that last paragraph reveal you've been reading too much Green Eggs and Ham?

  6. Love the name! Miller Time made me lol!! Cute picture! Minnie Mouse and Runners World...two of my favorite things! :0)


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