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Wednesday, February 23, 2011


When I got out of bed Monday morning, my back hurt. Bad. Like when I kept dislocating my ribs from coughing while pregnant bad. Or like the pain from the car accident that resulted in over a year of physical therapy bad. And I had no idea why. I can't remember doing anything. I suffered through the day. I hoped since it just appeared all of a sudden, maybe it would disappear just as quickly.

Yesterday, getting out of bed was much easier. And less painful. And this morning was even better. Today the pain has eased up enough that I can now pinpoint the center of the pain. Still not sure what happened or why it hurts, but I'm good with not knowing as long as it gets a little better every day.

The point of all that information: I haven't been running. And it has been hard. I had a plan. I was excited for my plan. My plan is in the toilet. I have a 15K on Saturday. It might end up being flushed as well.

But that hasn't stopped me from sporting my latest fashion accessories.

Yes, that is my new RoadID. The one I "got" for my birthday (back in October) and finally got around to ordering. And the other fuzz covered one is my awesome RUN or DIE bracelet. You know you want one. Well, you just may have the chance to get your hands on one.

And just one final thought. What ever happened to "Be Mine" or "Cool"? Seriously.

(Holy scratches on my table!)


  1. I am diggin' that "Run or Die" band. I would say it is 'cool', but apparently I need to say it is 'posh'? Kids today.

  2. I totally need a Run or Die band by June for my race. I can't take another year of punking out on the last leg of Pac Crest.
    Please tell me you're doing a giveaway!

  3. I understand about training plans being in the toilet. Ugh!

  4. Love the run or die.

    It leaves little to the immagination [did I spell that right?!]

    everything gets acronymed [ya, don't spell check that either] in my house.



    Ya, where's the decoder ring when you need it?

    "mom make sure you make my lunch please."

  5. I'm feeling the pain too right now! It's really tough. Hang in there, you'll get through it. Love the bracelet.

  6. Good things come to those who wait, or those who take months to order their Road ID?
    They recently (significantly) improved the wrist ID clasp which is huge. And it's unlikely that your ID would have the RUNNERD shout-out had you ordered it right away, so that's a bonus.

    As for your back, good that it's improving. But why the suffering?
    Somebody needs to tell the king that the queen could use a back rub.

  7. yikes, I hope you do continue to feel better!!

    I saw the conversation hearts this year...what happened to "fax me"? There's one about tweeting now!

  8. I love the Run or Die bracelet!

    I have a Road ID, and I am still trying to figure out to what size I want to cut it down. Right now, it is perfect for going over my winter running gear...but when I wore it in Vegas for the marathon, I took it off at mile 17 because it was rubbing me from bouncing too much.

    Those are some seriously hip conversation hearts!

  9. Yikes! Hope you can get that 15k in -- so weird that your back is just hurting like that.

    The bracelet is awesome.

    Feel better!

  10. I just saw you on Wednesday and you looked amazing! You hide your pain well. The message on the band hit home. We are runners. Woudn't we all just wither away and die if we didn't run. Hang in there!


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