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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Way to My Heart

Although it is unseasonably warm in Utah, I know some of you are experiencing an actual winter. I put together some motivation to keep you moving during the cold "winter" months for Skinny Mom. You can check out my ways to stay motivated HERE!

Valentine's Day was a success all around at our house. Grace's class Valentines turned out jolly good.

And her Valentine's mailbox was a hit. Ellie decorated her own box at school. She was kind of sad about that. Especially when Grace ended up with this masterpiece.

And Grace's costume for her Alice in Wonderland party exceeded my expectations. It wouldn't have been as perfect without the crown we borrowed from Megan. She was the Queen of Hearts for Halloween, so she was also my source of inspiration and information for the rest of the costume as well. And it was well worth the gold glitter that is all over my house that may very well be a permanent addition.

Any holiday can be counted as a success when Texas Roadhouse (especially Texas Roadhouse rolls) is involved. The hubs and I went out Friday night because it was easier to get a babysitter. We also mistakenly thought we'd beat some of the rush. I think everyone else had the same thought.

Saturday morning, my three Valentines joined me for my run. They dropped me off and then surprised me several places along the way and scootered along with me.

I have a pretty great little team, if I do say so myself. It makes me extra happy that they love doing my runs with me. Ellie even asked if we could "do this all day?"

Then we grabbed some lunch and headed home, where the hubs surprised and spoiled me. Lululemon and chocolate are the way to my heart. Throw in an apron I loved when we saw it a few weeks ago and a cute Valentine's cup (I am obsessed with cups), and I couldn't have been a more spoiled girl.

Now on to St. Patrick's day!!

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  1. Her Vday box turned out so cute and so did her outfit! I am glad I could be of help ;)

    Those rolls....mmmmm...they are the only reason to go to that restaurant.

    Your Valentines day sounds perfect and you most definitely did get spoiled, but that is such a good feeling! Sometimes you just need that! BUT where is your lulu bag?? Hmmmm???


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