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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tasty Tuesday

I added cottage cheese to my scrambled eggs this morning for the first time. I was expecting a taste explosion in my mouth since I love both scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. To be honest, I didn't notice a huge difference. It just tasted like scrambled eggs. Maybe I need to try the cottage cheese as a topping instead. Because the toppings are always the best part. Today's toppings were avocado and salsa. However, avacado trumps all other toppings because there just aren't many things in this world more delicious.


And I NEED to try these. Yes. Need. There is no want involved.


I did already try THESE Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats. During my long run on Saturday, Megan described them to me in detail. Then she sent me the recipe, so of course I had to make them. They are pretty darn good. I didn't use dark brown sugar like the recipe calls for but used light brown sugar instead because it is what I already had. I think they might have a little more caramel flavor with the dark brown sugar, but they still passed my tasty treat test. So thank you Megan.

Besides consuming #allthecalories, I have been burning a few as well. Not as many as my training plan calls for though. Yesterday I was shooting for 5 miles but called it at 3.5 miles when the hubs and the girls drove by to check on me. My quad and hamstring have been sore when I run lately, but it is only when I run. However my Piriformis doesn't hurt when I run but gets stiff and sore after, so I think my other muscles might be compensating for the weakness in my Piriformis. In an attempt to avoid actual injury, I am easing back a little this week. It was already supposed to be a lower mileage/intensity week, so it is good timing to replace some running with cross training.

Today I ellipticized (pain free!) and tomorrow I'll probably get my chlorine fix with some quality pool running. Then I'll reevaluate and decide if I should give it a go on Thursday with some old fashioned running.



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  1. Avocados truly make everything better. Myvkods refuse to eat them and I think they are crazy.

    Now you have to make the rice krispies again. With the dark brown sugar (or molasses added) you know, just to make sure you like those TOO ;)

    Hope your leg and butt are feeling better!


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