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Friday, January 30, 2015

I got a new attitude!

You may have noticed a theme in some of my Instagram posts recently. If not, these two posts should clue you in:

Earlier this week, I was thinking about how hard all my runs seem lately and how heavy my legs seem. Then again during one of my runs, I noticed I was focusing on how hard it felt and how tired I was and how much I wanted to have a nice, easy run. I had a little a-ha moment and realized I was never going to have a good run if I spent all my time dreading my next one, expecting it to be bad, or focusing on any negative parts of the run (tired legs, cold fingers, feeling hungry, etc.).

I reminded myself that I actually DO love to run and decided to start remembering why. I have gone into each run since with a whole new attitude, focused on making it good. I push aside any negative thoughts and instead spend my runs focusing on the purpose of the run, thinking about my past accomplishments and what I'm working toward, and just being grateful I am healthy and able to train for Boston the way I want this year!


  1. See this is reason #3,893 why I love having you as a friend. You are so right and I need to remember this ALWAYS. I get down or don't believe on myself a lot and that gets me....ya, no where. Now let's talk about your runs...killin it!! I think it would totally be normal for me to make posters and stand in my living room, watching the live stream of Boston, cheering you on. Right?

  2. Yeah! A good attitude can help with everything. Although once in a while I'll find myself in a funk and I'll have a pity party and then it's over! If I address my down and negative feelings they are never as bad as it seems. Good luck with Boston! LUCKY!


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