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Friday, January 9, 2015

A sore toe and a split lip won't stop me

I had a great run today, which was very nice after several very sluggish runs the past week. It was even great in spite of the fact that I was reminded I was a girl mid-run. I should have known based on how much I felt like a bloated cow yesterday and have been eating chocolate like its the fifth food group the past few days. But apparently I'm a slow learner when it comes to certain things. Or maybe there's a degree of denial involved.

Luckily this hasn't been affecting my runs (and yes my toenails need a new paint job):


My first run after it happened last week (a result of my toe acting as a doorstop) wasn't fun. Especially the first several miles before it went sort of numb. Now it's mostly just really un-pretty (I just made that a real word) and only hurts when I wear narrow shoes all day or it gets stepped on (which happens more than I like around my two little people).

After today's run, I decided to start marathon training next week. I was going to do a 12 week plan that would start at the end of the month, but I feel like beginning a plan now will help me get focused and make my runs more fun. Yes, I think crossing my runs off on a training plan is fun. And I like having structure. I may be a little crazy, but aren't all runners?

Speaking of crazy, this recently hit home:


Only for me, when I got out of my vehicle yesterday while sucking on the straw of my water bottle, I mis-judged the distance between the end of the bottle and the wall and the straw split the inside of my lip. It bled a lot.

Some things take talent.




  1. Yes, all runners are crazy. It's what makes us sane.

  2. Crossing things off lists makes me happy. Maybe a little too happy. Yay for marathon training! I am excited for you. I will be even more excited when we start marathon training together this summer. Booyah! ;)

  3. ouch! Way to get out there and get your run on!


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