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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Family, faith...and Buddy the elf.

Family: This time of year, I tend to think a lot about what is really important. Not just as far as Christmas goes, but in my life in general.

It is so easy to get caught up in the things going on around us, especially with Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest making us feel like we don't measure up when it comes to fitness or travel or crafting or whatever it is. But those things really don't matter. They don't define us.

Family matters. Faith matters.

When I die, it won't matter how many miles I ran every week or whether I was "famous" on Instagram or if my Facebook feed revealed regular check-ins at exotic places or if I regularly busted out perfect replicas of the things on my Pinterest boards.

What will matter is the legacy I leave as a mother, wife, daughter. If my girls are strong, kind women who have faith in things that are real, that will matter. If my husband knows I loved him and put him and my girls before everything else, that will matter. If my parents are proud of the person I became, that will matter.


Running: Last year I posted this on Instagram. It makes me happy that many people have borrowed it because it is true for them too.

As I trudge away on the elliptical this morning, I can tell you it is still true. Running IS my favorite!


Life: Since we're on the subject, this is completely appropriate and awesome:





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  1. I need to watch elf. I suggested that movie last night, but Annabelle doesn't like it. It makes me think we aren't related.

    And I don't know what you are talking about. I am sure one of the keys to entering into the celestial kingdom is the number of IG followers. I think we even had a lesson about it last week ;)


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