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Monday, December 1, 2014

Blessed? Or just obnoxious?

Running: I kicked off Saturday with a run. I'm still taking it easy. Saturday's run felt really good. I guess that is what running a half marathon super easy and then taking a day off does for me.

I got in seven miles; then we were off to have a fun family day!

Family: We finally saw Big Hero 6, which was a hit with everyone. Then we headed home, put up the Christmas tree and got it decked out with every ornament we have.


There was a little intermission when the girls found some tinsel so they could do the hula. Apparently tinsel and the hula just go together.

Every year, we go to dinner after we decorate the tree. The girls chose Texas Roadhouse, which happens to be a favorite of mine. It might have something to do with these...


Sunday the girls got to open their first present of the year. They each got a Lego Advent Calendar from their aunt, uncle and cousins. Their lack of enthusiasm in this picture doesn't represent their actual happiness about both opening a present early and their excitement about what they received. The TV was on when I took their picture and was apparently engrossing.

Life: What do you do when your husband brings home a ginormous box of potatoes? You make every spud-based meal you can think of!
Like cassarole potatoes, aka funeral potatoes. There was also potato salad. Potato soup and potato boats are both on the menu this week.

Then there is this. It made me laugh quite a lot. If it applies to you, I probably don't follow you since my daughters like to look over my shoulder when I'm on IG, so I keep my following PG.

And this. Because it also made me laugh. A lot. I will never use #blessed again without thinking about it.



1 comment:

  1. Those last 2 pics are hilarious.

    That is a lot of potatoes. I looove funeral potatoes. I can't figure out why. Potatoes-okay. Sour cream-gross. Melted cheese-gross. Combine them deliciousness


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