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Friday, December 19, 2014

The Official 2014 I Have Run Gift Idea List

I promised you some good gift ideas. And I believe these qualify as more than good.

For your favorite person, you can't go wrong with the Fanny Funny Farting Coin Drop Bank.

I actually think Scott would take this over the zebra print shower cap I have: Ice Cream Cone Shower Cap!


And because it is so appropriate for this time of year, why not get that naughty person on your list some Lump of Coal Soap?

From what I hear, everyone loves bacon. And the smell of bacon...heaven. With this Bacon Air Freshener, you can have heaven wherever you want.

Seriously, what runner wouldn't appreciate a pair of Emergency Underpants?!?


Tell me your shower wouldn't look better with this Nose Gel Dispenser hanging in it. Go ahead. Tell me.

And for the truly discerning person on your list this year, be sure you stick some Fancy Pickle flavored candy canes in their stocking.

Now for some gifts that I think any runner would love.

If your favorite runner doesn't already have a GPS watch, this one would make any runner smile:

The Garmin 620 has all the bells and whistles!!

My favorite way to fuel:

Salted caramel GU is my favorite, but there are so many flavors of GU, there's sure to be something your runner would love!

Speaking of favorites, these are my favorite arm warmers. I have them in two colors and love everything about them.


What is on your wishlist this year, running or otherwise?


  1. Evan would love both that coin bank and sosp dispenser. This list is top notch.

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