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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Found something I don't like in oatmeal

Yesterday I wore a pair of my old running tights that I bought back when my main priority when it came to running clothes was the price. As in a low price. I did make sure they had flat seams and wicking material, but the price was always the make-or-break point. These particular tights are not particularly tight. So they are also not particularly flattering. They are loose in all the places you want them to be tight. And they are just loose enough that they move in the opposite direction of your legs when you are running, which tends to make one hyper-aware of one's body and what seems to be the jiggling of it. Not nice.

Today I wore a pair of running tights I got for my birthday last month. And they were amazing. Tight in all the right places. Just the right thickness. And very important - not too tight anywhere that they caused rolls or bulges. Pretty much perfect.

I know you can't tell much of a difference in this picture, but trust me. There is a night and day difference! So if I can give you a piece of advice, it is to buy running clothes that fit well and that you love, even if they cost a little more. You will end up wearing them a lot more and they will be more worth your money in the end.

Besides realizing how much I didn't like that other pair of running tights yesterday, I also found out I don't like peanut butter in my oatmeal. At all. I tried to mix things up. Big mistake. Lesson learned. Moving on.

On my run today, I had a little chafing problem that started about a mile into an 11 mile run. At mile two, there was a grocery store. I grabbed some Vaseline (for lips because it was easier to carry than a little tub of it!) and nicely asked the cashier if I could tell her my credit card info since I didn't have any money with me. All that online shopping has paid off since it is the reason my cc info is seared into my brain.

And in other big news from my run, I braided my hair for the first time in probably over a year. I decided to wear a beanie and it always bugs me when it is smashing down my ponytail. So I put my hair in a quick braid. It worked great. Didn't bug me at all.

My modeling picture is missing the beanie because I took it off the second I was finished running because it was so sweat soaked. I loved wearing a beanie though. And it helped keep me toasty. The problem is I only have a few, so I guess I'll have to add to my collection.

Do you have any hats you love for running?



  1. I'm not an oatmeal fan in general. If I do have it I like to have it with honey. I have some favorite running caps and then a few beanies for early morning winter runs.

  2. You are so right about tights! I don't like them in general but how can you run in a northeast winter without them? I have an old pair that I used to wear all the time and same thing....whenever I throw those bad boys on just to wear in the house I feel 'jiggly' all over! It's awful!

  3. I really only wear a beanie when it’s so cold outside that I’m sure that my ears will freeze and fall of if I attempt a run without it. But the one I have is Great.
    I broke down and replaced my nasty old wind pants that I’ve been wearing for a couple of winters now. I got a pair of REI Airflyte Running Pants. They fit a bit looser than tights, but I wasn’t really hip on tights anyway. I’m really happy with the fit and the movement of these pants, plus, they keep me quite a bit warmer than the wind pants ever did.


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