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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Healthier Me...with a cherry on top

Yesterday I ran eight great miles. Actually, six of them were great. The first two kind of sucked. I had a bad attitude all morning, and I took it with me on my run. After two miles spent focusing on all the things I want to change about my body, I started to think about the things I like about it and how it lets me run mile after mile.

The funny thing is the nicer I am to my body, the nicer it is to me. And the more I focus on what I like about it, the more I like it.

Being nice to it has a lot to do with how and what I eat and drink. A few weeks ago I received some Cheribundi cherry juice to try. I decided to try the Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge since some of the benefits include:

  • reduced post-exercise muscle and joint pain
  • carbohydrates that provide energy and nutrients
  • promotes deeper, more restful sleep post-workout because it contains significant levels of melatonin

After too many recent restless nights, which mean less energy, the possibility of better sleep was a big appeal.

The fact that the juice tastes pretty good made the challenge a little easier. It is just the right amount of tart and sweet. One of the days I added the juice to a smoothie so I was incorporating the calories into a meal rather than adding them on top of my regular calorie intake.

Within a few days of beginning the challenge, I did start sleeping better and had more energy. I think adding healthy supplements like Cheribundi, which is completely natural and easy to incorporate into a healthy diet, is never a bad idea. Healthy, real-food supplements can have a lot of positive benefits on your overall health, whether the benefits are completely obvious right away or they just improve your health in the long-term.


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  1. We are trying to be overall more healthy at home. Unfortunately December means summer holidays here so it is not easy now.


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