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Friday, November 15, 2013

Bins of Christmas Cheer

I'm not usually a TGIF kind of girl. Don't get me wrong. I love the weekends. But I try to make the most of every day. Yes even Monday. But this week I'm kind of happy it's finally Friday.

It has been a busy week, as you can see from my lack of posts. But it has been a good kind of busy.

I've been working on a freelance editing project. I also had a cupcake/cake order from my cousin for her son's Eagle Scout Court of Honor. And I have to point out that the eagle in the bottom of the picture is made of fondant. And that I, of no natural artistic abilities, free handed that eagle and am a little bit proud of it. It will go on top of the cake just before it is displayed.

I've been trying to get my house decorated for Christmas (which is a multiple day project even when I don't have anything else to do). Yes, those bins are stacked three high. And they are full of Christmas cheer!

And I have also been running. There's always running because, for me, it's about setting priorities and making time for the things, like running,that are important.

Speaking of running...this week I was featured on Thank Your Body's Fitness Friday! Go check it out; you might find out something you don't already know about me.



  1. Wow talk about a lot of christmas stuff :) I love decorating for christmas! Great job on the cupcakes!

  2. Nice work with the cake! Our Christmas goodies will go up as soon as the kids finish their exams.

  3. That was a good interview on the other blog. Congrats on the BQ!


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