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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Things I Love Thursday - Struggles

One of the things I love most about running is it has taught me I am stronger than I ever thought. I have been thinking about this more lately as I've seen some of the people I love face different challenges in their lives.

No matter how hard a run is or what struggles I face in running, whether physical or mental, I am never alone. There is always someone who has gone through the same thing. Someone there to understand, commiserate and comfort.

In running, as in life, we are not alone in our struggles. Whether the people around us have experienced the same thing or not, they have had their own obstacles to overcome. No one is immune. And if we can let our guard down, admit that we are human, let others see deeper than the surface, we can have an amazing support system.

As a runner, I am constantly amazed at how runners support and lift each other up. We share something, and it's something that only runners understand. There's a strength that goes to the very core of a runner.

My hope is that as a runner, and as a person, I can let my guard down. I can be real. And I can be there for others in their time of need. Like so many have been there for me.


  1. Maybe I should consider running...because what I have been doing just is not working....I can barely walk somedays but maybe I can run.....Thanks for sharing!

  2. I absolutely love this. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. LOVE this! So true!! Hope you have a great weekend! :0)

  4. this is beautiful! and perfectly stated...exactly the things I appreciate most about running! love you friend!

  5. what a great post! so glad to have discovered your blog and your insta! XO


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