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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Days When Nothing Fits

I saw this the other day, and it really hit home.

I am pretty honest about my insecurities on here.

I try to stay positive about my my body in front of my girls. I am careful not to say negative things about how I look or feel physically. But I have my days.

Since I started running, I have fewer of those days.

I never imagined my body could run mile after mile. That I could set goals and then crush them. That I would see and feel my body becoming stronger.

I still have my days when nothing "fits" and there are a dozen things I want to change about my body. But when I start obsessing about something I want to change, simply going for a run helps me find a little perspective, helps me remember some of the things I like about my body and reminds me that I have power to improve many of the things I do want to change.


  1. I like this! As I get older I worry less and less about how I look but more and more about how I feel. I'm turning 50 this year but I feel excellent. This gives me a lot of confidence for life.

  2. So true! I may be slow but I'm steady and can outrun most of my friends and family. Running just gets better with age.

  3. Wonderful post Candice and I can absolutely relate to everything you said. When I first started running I always said I'll be so proud of myself when I reach x distance or x time and now I've realized it's all about the journey and not so much the accomplishments. At the end of the day I could careless what pace or distance I run because running has given me so much more.

  4. I think this is so true! I have my days too as I'm sure we all do! But it's the running and meeting our challenges that keeps us strong and makes us not give up on ourselves!

  5. I had that day today! Perfect timing ;)

  6. Love this post and your honesty... that is hard to be upfront about insecurities. Running too has this power over me, it truly saved my life and continues to every run.

    This video is not completely about your post, but related and I think you'd like it:


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