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Monday, October 29, 2012

Happiness and the Halloween Half Marathon

This happened yesterday. Made me happy. I like to be happy.

This happened Saturday. I ran the Halloween Half Marathon. I mentioned in Friday's post that I didn't feel like running it and wasn't excited at all. That didn't change before or most of the race.

Losing a glove on my way to the bus didn't help. And waiting in line for the bus for an hour in the cold also didn't help. But I found a random glove on the ground just as I was starting the race. And a friend ran the entire race with me and put up with my grumpiness and the miles when I turned my music on and refused to talk. And helped me get my second best half marathon time in spite of not wanting to push myself at all (I really didn't think I was pushing myself, to be honest). So I finished in 1:50:15.

Of course now I'm glad I ran it.

However, I'm on the fence about my Sparkle Skirt. I don't love it in the pics. And the hubs said it looks like I'm wearing shorts that are too big for me over my capris. Not good.


  1. Glad you had fun and what an awesome time! You'll knock out 1:50 in no time...that's my goal for 2013!

  2. bahahahaha. omg. your worry about the sparkle skirt. too funny friend. im sorry you didnt feel like running the race:/ that one was always a question for me...i never wanted to pass it up for how fun it is but hated the steepness of the downhill. well. my IT hated it. not so much me. haha;) you totally rocked it though! so impressed by you friend!

  3. Well good on ya for running anyway. I hear that's a pretty fun race, and that really is a great time.
    Happt Halloween!

  4. Nice time! Are you covering your face in the pic? Grumpy huh? :) love ya

  5. YAY! The World Series made me happy, too! :0) Congrats on your half! Sorry it was so cold!


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