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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Birthday Weeks are the Best

It's my birthday week. I am not shamelessly trying to get happy birthdays thrown at me. Otherwise I would have posted yesterday on my actual birthday. I'm telling you because I decided a new year of my life is a better time to set new fitness goals than at the beginning of a new calendar year.

So I set some new goals yesterday. Goals with an October 2013 deadline. However, a few things have been standing in the way of the eating healthier part of my goals. Things like....

this cake (German Chocolate - my favorite) the hubs brought home,
these cupcakes my amazing neighbor (and friend) and her kids brought over,
 and this Snickers caramel apple (Snickers and caramel apples are two of my favoritest things) another incredible friend dropped off tonight.
Maybe my goals should officially start when my birthday week is over...


  1. I saw that cake on instagram and was drooling! It looks AMAZING!

    Happy birthday week!

  2. Happy Birthday! I certainly think Birthdays should last at least a week. It is always nice to set goals.

  3. I'm sure birthday cakes don't have any calories in them if it's your birthday. Happy Birthday!!

  4. I hope you had an amazing birthday Candice! Cheers to a new year. :)

    Those carmel apples are the best thing ever. omg I am jealous!

  5. Hope you've had a great time celebrating your birthday!


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