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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Parenting...even harder than running

Being a parent is a tough job. Being a parent in the digital age of social media doesn't make it any easier to feel like you aren't completely failing.

We are bombarded with pictures like this:

 Not so many like this:

Whether you are a mom or dad, stay at home or work outside the home, being responsible for raising a child is an enormous undertaking. This innocent, trusting person is completely in your care. You are responsible for another person's physical, mental and emotional well-being. It can be overwhelming.

I have good kids. Great kids, really. I realize I am very blessed. They are beautiful, healthy, active little girls. My Bean is incredibly funny and surprisingly polite for a 4-year-old. The Princess is brilliant and has the most tender heart.

Yet my Bean is as stubborn and hard-headed as they come. And the Princess is sooo emotional and can be incredibly irrational.

They are not perfect. They are human, just like their parents. Being a kid isn't easy.

And parenting is a trial-and-error kind of job. Because there are no hard and fast rules. And there is no guidebook. Every parent is different. Every kid is different.

These are the things I need to remind myself today. And I figured if I could use the reminder, I can't be alone. In spite of the perfect picture of parenthood I see on blogs, Facebook, etc., I know I can't be alone. Sometimes knowing that is all I need to get through a rough day.

That and a run.


  1. Parent to are 100% correct...there is no guidebook...we are just walking through with blinders on trying to do the best we can. Hang in there...I'm sure you are a wonderful mom and your daughters know it.

  2. Hang in there. Just wait until they are older and they start doing stupid things with texting and Facebook. Parenting is tough. Parenting teenagers with social media can be impossible.

  3. Remember that Facebook is like the highlights reel of a movie. It just shows the best bits. I'm sure you could find photos like that too.

    My kids are all pretty grown now but I still think parenting is one of the hardest jobs. I still doubt myself and I'm still learning.

  4. What an understatement. It really is the hardest but most rewarding thing I've ever done. And I only have 2 teenagers. 2 more to come. And the world is at a pretty critical time in history. I don't think it's ever been more difficult. At least we have a little extra help. That is always comforting to me. And there are some really great payback moments in your future. Promise. And you really do have great kids. They're pretty darn cute too!

  5. Preach on, sister. If we were FB friends, you would have seen my post today: Still home with sick kids - have taken both to the doc, just have colds/virus.

  6. You are so right! Parenting is hard, especially in this day and age with social media everywhere. Running helps me put it all in perspective.


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